Cosmetics producers

Alba Thyment Ltd
Alba Thyment Ltd is a family company established in Poznan, Poland in 1913. We manufacture and sell cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Since our inception we are known for our flagship product, the original Carmelite Essence, Argol® Essenza Balsamica. "Healthy is Beautiful" is not just a company tagline, but it is a reflection of our business philosophy. Our carefully crafted natural products received many awards and recognitions.
Arkana – a Polish modern brand of professional cosmetics for beauty salons, dermatological centres and home care, established in 2011. It follows latest biochemical and physiological trends in cosmetology offering products with high concentration of active ingredients that activate natural self-renewal processes. Arkana was the first in Europe to introduce cosmetics with the innovative peptide Progeline™. The company offers also a modern system of skin diagnosis.
The producer of Pat&Rub and NATURATUV natural cosmetics of beguiling consistencies and scents. PAT&RUB brand is sold in Poland exclusively in Sephora and in our own e-commerce shop. Our secound sister brand NATURATIV is present in Japan, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Belgium.
Bandi Cosmetics Ltd.
Bandi Cosmetics is a Polish manufacturer of professional cosmetics. Bandi is designed for beauty parlours and spas. The company was established in 1986 and now offers a few dozen professional products and a complete range of retail face and body care cosmetics. Bandi portfolio contains cosmetics for every type of skin.
Beauty Face
We believe that everyone is entitled to exceptional skin care. No matter how old they are, what type of skin they have or how much money they have.
This is why we make ready-to-use skin treatments for face and body. Our cosmetics are based on marine collagen and other natural active ingredients which help even the most demanding skin restore its freshness, vitality and natural beauty.
Beliso Ltd
We have been a distributor and a manufacturer of high quality, professional hair styling products for over 17 years. All our cosmetics are produced on the basis of modern technology and from the best natural resources available in the world. Since 1995, we have been the owners of the Cece of Sweden brand, which offers a wide range of hair care, styling and coloration products.
The BELL company is a leader and recognized producer and distributor of colour cosmetics. We are proud of our products, which meet the highest global standards.
Our products are successfully sold on the markets of numerous countries, both in Central - Eastern Europe as well as in Western Europe.
Bielenda Natural Cosmetics
Since 1990 we have been implementing high technology to manufacture products based on carefully selected natural ingredients. Every client can find a product suitable for their skin. Unique approach to beauty care has contributed to the Company's solid market position in Poland. Moreover, Bielenda is firmly determined to mark its presence on the international markets as well.
BingoSpa is a Polish manufacturer and importer of cosmetic ingredients. Being a company that has been operating since 1988, it is recognised as a cosmetic brand present in a dozen of countries, which offers approximately 500 cosmetics for body, face and hair care.
Biogened S.A.
Dermedic is a dermocosmetic brand created on the basis of experience of dermatologists, cosmetologists and biotechnologists. When the dermocosmetic products are being devel¬oped, the newest trends in dermatology are used according to the EADV standards (Europe¬an Academy of Dermatology and Venerology) cutting the edges of skin care and treatment. Technological innovations discovered on international fairs, symposiums and congresses have also crucial impact on our portfolio of products.
CHANTARELLE Laboratory Derm Aesthetics
New dermo-aesthetic solutions for beauty salon and home care – over 220 professional skin care products, 90 home care preparations and laser equipment in top new technology – PHOTO-DYNAMIQ® Laser R/IR/UV in Synergy with Magnetic Field, THERMO-SPHERIX® M-RF Thermo Laser with Rotation Magnetic Field®. Our range of products includes formulas for every skin problem include anti-ageing and problematic skin treatments, acid peels, no-needle mesotherapy serums.
Clarena is one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of innovative professional cosmetics. The company has been on the market since 1998 , by establishing a strong position on local market and developing external ones . We specialises in the beauty salons services , supplying high quality and innovative dermocosmetics, as well as modern devices for specialist treatments. Concentrated on best quality and efficient products Clarena also offers retail cosmetics dedicated for beauty stores and pharmacies. Wide range of products will cover all needs accordingly to different types of skin or skin problems.
CM Michel
CM Michel Laboratory offers advanced and professional consumer cosmetic products created from A to Z, going from concept to production within global services in the Private Label sector. The acquired knowledge, significant experience and a wide spectrum of possibilities enable our com¬pany to offer lip care, nail care and make-up cosmetic products.
Dax Cosmetics Ltd.
Dax Cosmetics has been a leading Polish producer of cosmetics for over 30 years. Our mission is creating and enhancing cosmetics based on modern technologies and innovative sources.
Caring for customer satisfaction, we try to discover their needs and offer them products of the highest quality.
Delia Cosmetics Sp. z o. o.
Delia Cosmetics is a Polish company estblished in 1998 by a chemist Józef Szmich Ph.D. Exceptionally wide product range offered by Delia Cosmetics includes several hundred beauty products in four categories: hair colouring and hair care, make-up, nail polish and face and body care. Our products are currently available in 60 countries all over the world. Constant development and highly qualified staff brings the results of the highest quality products created in accordance with the latest market trends.
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