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A Highlight to End the Programme Promoting the Polish Cosmetics Branch

Thursday, 12.03.2015

Over a 100 Polish companies are going to present their offer at the greatest world cosmetics fair – Cosmoprof – which is taking place already from the 20th to the 23rd of March in Bologna. The official Polish National Pavilion is going to be the biggest of all the ones that have been put up there so far. It is, at the same time, the last one to be organised in the framework of the just ending governmental programme for the promotion of the Polish cosmetics industry throughout the world.

The Branch Programme of Promotion, realised by SPC House of Media and contracted by the Ministry of Economy, has been the first programme to promote the Polish cosmetics industry abroad. The promotion of that branch and of 14 other select flagship branches of industry have served to promote the Polish economy all over the world. Polish producers, financially supported by EU funding and organisationally by the companies executing the particular branch programmes, have had the opportunity to concentrate on implementing their new export strategies and on expanding sales.

The Programme has brought excellent effects for the cosmetics branch. Poland is at present the sixth biggest exporter of cosmetics in Europe. So far, that position has been owned to a large extent to world concerns who have located their production plants in Poland. Yet, the impressive rise in the sales of exports noted by local producers in recent years have been changing those proportions. It is going to be possible to observe the growing importance of native brands at the coming fair in Bologna.

The most important cosmetics event in the world
The Cosmoprof fair in Bologna is the greatest and most important event of the cosmetics branch in the world. It has been present in the calendar of such events for already 48 years. Its scale is certified by numbers: in 2014, 2450 exhibitors from 69 countries presented their offer at the fair and the number of visitors from all over the world exceeded 200 thousand. Almost 70 thousand of them were traders – importers, distributors, wholesalers and cosmetic sales representatives.

An event which enjoys such interest is an excellent opportunity for producers to gain new clients and enter onto new markets. Yet, it is at the same time a great challenge – to make a breakthrough in such a numerous crowd of other producers requires a well-thought out strategy and novel solutions.

Creating the Polish brand together
Carrying out the promotion of the Polish cosmetics branch and creating a positive image of Polish cosmetics together is a chance to be distinguished from the rest of the competitive beauty branch. Hence, the producers’ numerous participation in the Branch Promotion Programme and, in the case of the Bologne fair, the growing popularity of exhibiting at the National Pavilion. This year, already half of the Polish exhibitors have decided to present themselves in that form. Among them are the largest and most well-known companies, such as: Beliso, Bell, Bielenda, Dr Irena Eris, Dax, Delia, Eveline, Farmona, Floslek, Joanna, Miraculum, Oceanic, Świt, Verona and Ziaja. The official National Pavilion, created under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, shall cover 650 sq. metres of ground this year. In 2012, when the Programme started, it was just 150 sq. metres.

There is no doubt that such a locality for their stand is well thought out by producers. Our company has for many years now been an active proponent of the Polish cosmetics branch. We have been trying to emphasize our Polish origins at every international branch forum. We are proud to present Poland as the country where our cosmetics come from on the packaging of most of our products. For that reason too, we have supported the creation of a Polish National Pavilion. According to our observations, visitors to the fair are positively surprised by the Polish cosmetics sector being so numerously represented, and the quality and visibility of the Pavilion being better and better, year by year. What has also been growing is the recognition of Poland as a country with a powerful cosmetics branch – explains Wiktoria Brzozowska, Director of Marketing and International Markets at Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics Laboratory.
Presence at the fair in the framework of a National Pavilion supports a consistent creation of the image of Polish cosmetics as such, cosmetics which are able to go and compete with other world brands – adds Katarzyna Ziółkowska, Export Brand Manager at Oceanic.

Individual company proposals
What remains no less important are naturally the individual proposals of the exhibitors. The new season in Bologna is going to be marked by producers with new product launches. Their packaging and marketing is also the object of careful planning.
This year we are going to present a number of novelties, such as the Gold & Energy face care line, an innovative formula which elongates lashes called Revive Lashes or the SLIM Line for body care, modulating the figure – says Beata Jastrzębska, Export Business Development Director at the Floslek Cosmetics Laboratory.

The main product heroes of this year’s edition are new implementations in the offer of Dr Irena Eris, such as Institute Solutions, Algorithm, Provoke’s seasonal offer or new Clinic Way products. The successive edition of the fair also gives us the opportunity to present ourselves in a new way. What dominates our stand is a black and white colour scheme, consistent with the world of the Dr Irena Eris brand and emphasising its selective, modern and professional character. This year, we have made use of unique 3D graphic solutions, creating an illusion of pictures of great dimensions which pervade the area of the stand and harmoniously bind different elements together – explains Olimpia Romanik, Senior Marketing Manager, International Markets at the Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory.

New proposals have also been prepared by the Chantarrelle brand, directed at professionals, offering not only 350 cosmetic products but also specialist laser equipment. What isa novelty is our Green Laser 532nm, a cold, diode laser with an additional skin lifting function using a whirling magnetic field, while the Photo-Dynamiq R/IR/UV laser has been supplied with new photosensitive PDT Black Essential concentrates with a unique bio-chromophor formula which – thanks to Chantarrelles’ own spectro-photometric research methods – is adapted to the exact length of the laser light beam and the treatment can thus bring maximal effects – explains Jarosław Alot, President, Head of Export and owner of Chantarelle Laboratory Derm Aaesthetics.

Bowil Biotech have also prepared a proposal which is directed first and foremost to professionals and experts in the realm of aesthetic medicine. We are going to present our novelty – medical CelMat masks. They have been made from sterile Polish bionanocellulose, which is characterised by an ability to gradually give back humidity and moisturise the skin for a long time, and by a soothing and regenerating effect. The masks – in the form of patches for the face and under the eyes – thanks to their unique cooling properties effectively soothe the symptoms of burns, accelerate the processes of skin rebuilding and instantaneously alleviate pain. Our bionanocellulose patches, in turn, are effective as a soothing poultice after neckline and neck treatments – says Kamil Palowski, General Manager at Bowil Biotech.

The successes of the companies and of the Programme
The Polish producers’ consistent development strategies combined with the support they have received since 2012 in the framework of the Branch Programme for the Promotion of the Cosmetics Industry have brought visible, impressive effects.
In the course of the past 3 years we have achieved spectacular export successes – we can boast of a 180% growth. We are at present exporting our cosmetics to over 35 countries around the world – says Steven Dawes, Export & Import Director at Świt Pharma.
The past 3 years have been very well assessed by Daniel Dziduch, Export Specialist at Bielenda Natural Cosmetics: The period has been very opulent in successes, we have appeared on many new markets, on others we have strengthened our position. What certifies to that is the fact that we have at least doubled the number of markets we are present on in the course of the past three years.

Beata Jastrzębska also expresses satisfaction, summing up the passing period thus: The growth of exports has been dynamic. We have been entering new markets each and every year.

Similarly, Wiktoria Brzozowska also sees the pace of growth as positive: We have been noting a two digit rise in sales on foreign markets every year, which has let us believe that investing in exports has been a strategically good choice and we wish to go on developing in that direction. For example, in the extremely competitive region of Central and Western Europe we have noted high rises for the Lirene brand, thanks to the renewal of our assortment and to striking up a regular co-operation with chains such as Bipa, Rossmann, Kaufland czy Spar.
Magdalena Tkaczyk, Export Manager at the professional Silcare brand, also assesses the situation in an enthusiastic way: The past three years have seen our company’s growth. The pace at which we have been attaining successive stages has astonished us as well. We have become one of the three greatest producers of UV gels in Europe, we have been noting an annual growth of exports by 75%, we have been enlarging our assortment by a 100 to 200 new products every year. We are selling Silcare products in already 46 countries.

With the Bologna fair, Polish cosmetics producers are drawing to the end of their participation in the Branch Promotion Programme. They jointly admit that they are counting on a speedy launch of its successive edition, which would help them in their further, dynamic development.


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