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Cosmetic producers from Poland are in Dubai once again

Wednesday, 28.05.2014

30 Polish producers from the cosmetics branch will present their offer during the coming Beauty World Middle East fair in Dubai (27th -29th May, 2014), of whom 22 will exhibit at the Polish National Pavilion. The number of stands at the Pavilion compared to last year has doubled, while the total number of Polish exhibitors has risen by 70%.

The interest in this year’s fair is largely the result of the advantages the companies have gained from their participation in the fair last year. 

Katarzyna Olędzka, Marketing Manager at Verona Products Professional, thus sums up the effects of last year’s fair: Beauty World Middle East 2013 has played a great role in strengthening our position in this part of the world and it has brought  us many new business contacts. Thanks to our presence at the fair, we have struck up a close co-operation with clients from, among others, Algeria, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and the United Arab Emirates.

Beata Jastrzębska, Export Development Manager at the Floslek Cosmetic Laboratory: The 2013 fair was a great success. Our stand was very popular –  around 200 clients visited us and we managed to gain promising clients and expand our business co-operation on several new markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Jordan.

Dana Bartoszewicz, Export Manager at the Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory is also pleased with the business effects of the fair’s previous edition: I assess the effectiveness of last year’s edition of the fair very highly. The contacts we then struck bore fruit in our entry onto the market in Iraq, which led to a general rise in the sales of our products.   


The Polish National Pavilion for the second time

In 2013, Polish exhibitors had the first chance to present themselves in the framework of the official Polish National Pavilion, organised as part of the Branch Programme of the Promotion of the Cosmetics Industry, which SPC House of Media has been co-ordinating for the Polish Ministry of Economy.

The exhibitors who presented themselves at the Pavilion last year, judge that form of promotion very highly and most of them have decided to take part in the fair in that very form this year again.  A repeated presence at such events guarantees the company a greater recognisibility, a greater credibility and prestige in the eyes of its clients, hence we have decided to be present in the Polish Pavilion again. Construing an awareness of the company in the eyes of foreign customers is a difficult task and requires a carefully defined strategy. It sometimes happens that the first relationship with a client is struck up during an edition of the fair, to be finalised in the form of a contract only the following year – hence it is very important to leave one’s clear imprint in the client’s memory –  Katarzyna Olędzka thus justifies her company’s choice.

Dana Bartoszewicz adds: The fact that our stand was located in the National Pavilion widened the interest in our products, hence this year we have also decided to exhibit in such a form.


The most important fair in the Middle East

Exhibitors jointly agree that the Beauty World Middle East fair is a key event as far as doing business in the Middle East and North Africa is concerned, but also on more distant Asian markets. Those directions for Polish producers are particularly interesting – on account of the size of the population and the dynamically developing economies, the potential of those markets cannot be over-estimated. 

Polish producers have no intention of over-sleeping their opportunity. They are already present in many countries in Asia and Africa. The cosmetics from Cracovian Farmona are to be found in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq. Another Cracow company targets similar markets : We are present on many markets in that region. What has been a great success this year is the final registration of our products in Saudi Arabia and the beginning of their sale in that country. We have also begun  sending out our first orders to Iraq – says Adrian Winiarz, Export Manager at Bielenda Natural Cosmetics. Floslek cosmetics in turn can be bought already in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Iran.

Businesspeople who are just beginning their sales in the Middle East stress the importance of the Emirates as a starting point in the region: Our products are already accessible in Dubai, and now we are planning to decidedly spread our distribution in the region. We are also present in Tunisia. An analysis of the sales in the Emirates will help us in the choice of appropriate production lines to be promoted in that region – says Marek Chotkowski, Export Manager at  Oceanic S.A.


An offer tailored for the Middle Eastern client

In order to raise their attractiveness for the Middle Eastern recipient, the Polish exhibitors at the Dubai fair have prepared special proposals. When we prepare our product offer, we always take into account what the specific needs of a given region are, such as the preferred colours or the given climate conditions. In the case of the tropical Middle East, it is the permanence of the make-up that poses a great challenge. Hence many of our cosmetic to be presented at this year’s Beauty World Middle East fair, contain the Long Lasting formula. We have also prepared a novelty: Make-up Fixer, which keeps make-up fresh and stays on for a longer time – explains Anna Maliborska-Szmulewicz, Marketing Manager at Quiz Cosmetics.  

Our offer is tailored to the needs of the Middle Eastern client both in terms of the type of complexion that is popular there and with regards to the most common skin problems, as well as the expectations connected to the cultural environment. Our brand of Floslek Pharma dermo cosmetics offers, among others, skin-whitening products from the White & Beauty series, Emoleum cosmetics for atopic skin, cosmetics for children and babies, as well as cosmetics for body care and lip balm. Our products do not contain ingredients derived from or tested on animals – which is very important for local consumers  – adds Beata Jastrzębska.

The Oceanic company wishes to reach luxurious clients with its offer – a group that is very big in the Middle East: Luxurious products from our AA Prestige line will hold a special place in our fair offer, together with novelties designed especially to cater for the needs of the most demanding clients. An important role will also be played by the series of our novel sun products, AA sun, with its wide spectrum of sun blocs. There will also be a plentiful offer from our AA Prestige Institute at the fair, addressed to the numerous beauty parlours and spas in the region – stresses Marek Chotkowski.


Taking into account the more and more numerous participation of the Polish companies in the  Beauty World Middle East fair and their excellent preparation to the event, one can be certain that the same time next year the summing up of the business relationships made and the growth of  sales will be even more optimistic.