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Cosmoprof 2014 summary

Monday, 05.05.2014

The Cosmoprof fair – the most important exhibition event for the cosmetics industry in the world – has turned out to be a great success of the Polish cosmetic industry.  The industry presented its offer at the fair very noticeably and in great style. The fair lasted from the 4th to the 7th of April, 2014 in Bologna, Italy. 


Over a hundred Polish companies took part in the fair this year. Almost half of them exhibited their offer in the national pavilion hall,  creating a large, conspicuous representation of Poland. 

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Plan of the Polish National Pavilion
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Poland’s Novelties Showroom & Café

The Polish National Pavilion housed Poland’s Novelties Showroom & Café, with the Showroom as its important element – a showcase wall exhibiting the most interesting upcoming novelties of the Polish producers. There was also a printed catalogue of the exhibits prepared.
There was also an information and promotion point at the café, where fair visitors could obtain the answers to any queries concerning the Polish cosmetics branch, get promotional materials and have coffee. It was a very busy point throughout the fair and it served hundreds of guests!

Poland’s Novelties Catalogue

Poland’ Novelties Show

On the second day of the fair, the Polish producers presented their products at a multi-media show with live saxophone music, organised in a prestigious, central place of the fair: International Forum, inaugurating at the same time the presentations of the different countries. The show consisted of a survey of the newly launched products, prepared by the Polish producers especially for Cosmoprof.
About a 100 people watched the show – business people, journalists and the representatives of branch organisations from all over the world (the latter were invited by the Polish Cosmetics Industry Union).

The Polish national Pavilion and the PR events accompanying it have been organised as part of the Branch Promotion Programme, ordered by the Polish Ministry of Economy and carried out by SPC House of Media. There are several dozen Polish companies taking part in it, ranging from the most well-known ones to such that are only taking their first steps in the trade. Apart from the Pavilion, SPC House of Media has also been organizing PR activities for the companies representing that branch, trade missions, trainings and the visits of journalists and trade partners to Poland.
The work of SPC House of Media is supported by Trade and Investments Department at the Polish Embassies all over the world. The Trade and Investment Promotion Department at the Polish Embassy in Rome was very strongly and effectively involved in the Cosmoprof fair.

(Right to left) Armando Campagnoli, President of Bologna Fiere, Aleksandra Sobczyk, Expert at the Trade and Promotion Investment Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome, Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown, Director General of the Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry and Michał Górski, Chief of the Trade and Promotion Investment Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome during the Poland’s Novelties Show on the 5th April 2014.


Photo gallery
Post show press release
Introductory press release
Plan of the Polish National Pavilion

Full list of Polish Exhibitors

Poland’s Novelties Catalogue
Poland’s Novelties presentation: Overview
Poland’s Novelties presentation: Skin
Poland’s Novelties presentation: Colour
Poland’s Novelties presentation: Hair