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Verona Products Professional

Verona Products Professional is a Polish company that was founded in 2003. It is the leading manufacturer cosmetics to make - up, face and body care, coloring and styling, as well as perfumery. Brands Verona Professional Products have won the trust of customers not only in the Polish market but also in more than 60 countries worldwide. Values pursued by the company are supported by quality research and follow the global trends that meet the expectations and adapt to customer needs.

Innovation, professionalism, original design, high quality at affordable prices are the qualities that distinguish products Verona. An efficient system of business organization, creative and professional team of employees, our own research laboratories in which each stage of production, the quality, broad knowledge of technology and distribution mean that all the news very quickly hit the global market. Cooperation with the best suppliers of raw materials and packaging in the world is an additional element that guarantees dynamic development of the company and its brands.

Andrzejów Duranowski 27B
96-500 Sochaczew
Province: mazowieckie

Phone:+46 863 08 88
Web page: http://www.veronacosmetics.com

Export department:
Anna Kamińska
Senior Export Department Assistant

Offered services / products:

  • Production
  • Research

Cosmetics production:

  • Private label - contract production
  • Own brands

Types of cosmetics manufactured:

  • Face
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Nails


  • Colors
  • Scented

White cosmetics:

  • creams, lotions, mousses
  • masks
  • bath powders and lotions
  • skin peeling
  • protective lipsticks
  • washing gels
  • milk
  • tonic
  • cosmetics for nail care
  • nail polish removers


  • Plastic
  • Glass

Colorful cosmetics:

  • lipsticks, lip glosses
  • lip liners
  • mascaras or eyebrows
  • Cosmetic henna
  • shadows
  • eyeliners
  • powders
  • sleepers
  • concealers
  • roses, bronzers
  • kosmetyki do makijażu ciała, brokaty
  • nail polishes
  • hair dyes

Fragrance cosmetics:

  • perfumed waters, toilet waters
  • cologne
  • deodorants, antiperspirants

Additional characteristics:

  • Popular, intended for wide distribution