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For the first time, the Polish National Pavilion at the biggest cosmetics fair in Japan

Friday, 15.01.2016

Five Polish companies are going to present themselves at the coming Cosme Tokyo cosmetics fair, the biggest event in that branch in Japan. The fair will last from 20th to 22nd of January, 2016. The Polish National Pavilion is going to be put up there for the first time. 

Japan is the second biggest cosmetics market in the world, after the US one. Its value reaches 47 billion dollars. There is a growing demand for imported cosmetics – in the past dozen odd years, the value of the imports has doubled, to reach 2.2 billion dollars in 2013.    

Such an attractive market, stiil, is demanding and competitive. The Japanese have been importing particularly a lot from nearby South Korea, famous for its cosmetics production. Nevertheless, making an appearance on the Japanese market is possible – particularly in the case of products that are characteristic or niche. For example, what enjoys particular popularity in Japan are natural and ecological cosmetics. The market for those products in 2015 attained the value of 1 billion dollars and rose with regards to 2014 almost by 6%! 

Polish cosmetic producers have decided to face the challenge and seek their fortune on the Japanese market. Five exhibitors are going to present themselves at the Polish National Pavilion: Farmina, Farmona, Floslek, IMPA and Organique. A Polish promotion and information product will also be created there, co-ordinated by the staff of the Trade and Investments Promotion Department at the Polish Embassy in Tokyo.

For most of the Polish exhibitors, participation in Cosme Tokyo is a debut on the Japanese market. Floslek is an exception: we have been co-operating with Japan for three years now, although this is our first fair in the country. We have been working on developing our offer in this country all the time, though. We wish to widen the scope of our distribution in Japan itself and strike up co-operation with the neighbouring countries – says Beata Jastrzębska, Exports Development Director at Floslek Cosmetics Lab.

The Wroclawian producer of Organique is counting on catching Japanese interest with his offer of natural cosmetics, perfectly suited to the expectations of that consumer. Japanese lady clients pay great attention to cosmetic components and growingly appreciate natural and ecological cosmetics. The fashion for life true to nature is also being reflected in the demand for cosmetics. We feel that our offer is already at present suited to the requirements of the Japanese client. At the same time, which is not without importance, our prices are very attractive when compared to those of other world producers – says Leszek Majcherczyk, Director of the Export Department at Organique.

Crocovian Farmona is also going to Japan with a set proposal. We feel that Japanese consumers will be particularly interested in our whitening and professional cosmetics. At the fair, we are going to present products which according to us should meet the expectations of the most demanding clients – says Dana Bartoszewicz, Export Manager at Farmona Natural Cosmetics Lab.

Among the obstacles to be ovecome, the Polish producers mainly give the time consuming and complex process of certifying the products before they are permitted to be sold. The greatest obstacles for foreign companies are the entrance barriers: certification requirements, but also cultural and language differences – says Magdalena Sierocka, Export Manager at IMPA.

The fair organisers are aware of the challenges facing foreign producers in Japan. Hence, they are offering their exhibitors additional support, such as help with the preliminary registration of the cosmetics or the organisation of advisory seminars on the Japanese market. The Cosme Tokyo Fair is an right place for those cosmetics companies which have decided to undertake the attempt to enter the difficult but at the same time very promising Japanese market.

Check out the full list of exhibitors from Poland here.

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