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Foreign buyers and journalists took a closer look at the Polish cosmetic industry

Tuesday, 30.09.2014

A four-day cosmetic study tour for international buyers and journalists came to an end last weekend in Warsaw, Poland. The tour’s participants had a chance to get to know the offers of Polish cosmetics’ producers and the great opportunities within the industry. Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Economy, Ms. Grażyna Henclewska, held a special meeting for the guests.

Thirty participants from six countries (Brazil, China, Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States) took part in the tour. Among them were representatives of importers, distributors, retail chains and trade media.
B2B meetings with Polish cosmetics producers were the key point of the tour’s programme, with almost thirty Polish companies participating. The event was organised in a form of table meetings, providing each company with space for products exhibition and enabling longer, individual business talks.

The wide programme of the tour included also a conference, where the latest data on the industry was presented. In 2013, Poland managed to retain its strong position as the 6th biggest European cosmetic exporter, noting once again an increase of export rates – by 5%, comparing to 2012. The biggest export markets in 2013 were EU countries, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Poland’s blooming cosmetic sector is not an exception. During the meeting at the Ministry of Economy, the guests were presented with macro data, proving the good condition of Polish economy in general. Undersecretary of State, Ms. Grażyna Henclewska, underlined the fact that Poland was the only country in the EU that kept the GDP increase even during the most recent recession. Ms. Henclewska also pointed out that Poland is forecasted to continue its steady development in the nearest future.

To allow the guests some on-the-spot and practical approach to the industry, a factory tour at Verona Products Professional facility, as well as visits to Beliso hair salon and Synesis boutique were included. Additionally, the group called at the local Beauty Forum & SPA cosmetic fairs.

The tour appeared to be a success – both international guests and Polish producers were satisfied with the meetings and established relations. Several buyers decided to extend their stay in Poland, in order to attend further business talks in Gdańsk, Kraków or Poznań.

The cosmetic tour for international buyers and journalists was held on 24th – 27th September, 2014, in Warsaw, Poland. The tour was organised as a part of the Programme to Promote Polish Cosmetics Industry on Foreign Markets which is being run by SPC House of Media for the Polish Ministry of Economy.

More information:
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Conference presentations:
Alba Thyment – company presentation
Chantarelle – company presentation
Nuco – company presentation
Oceanic – company presentation
Pharmena – company presentation
Świt – company presentation
Companies taking part in B2B meetings – general presentation
Polish Cosmetic Industry Presentation

Presentations of visited companies:
Verona Products Professional
Verona Products Professional – Academy of Beauty

Polish Participants’ List:

Alba Thyment Ltd
Alba Thyment Ltd is a family company established in Poznan, Poland in 1913. We manufacture and sell cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Since our inception we are known for our flagship product, the original Carmelite Essence, Argol® Essenza Balsamica. “Healthy is Beautiful” is not just a company tagline, but it is a reflection of our business philosophy. Our carefully crafted natural products received many awards and recognitions.

Aromeda Ltd / Pat&Rub
The producer of Pat&Rub natural cosmetics of enslaving consistencies and scents. Our cosmetics are sold in Poland exclusively by Sephora and on the internet. The brand is 5 years old and is developing very fast. It is a leader of natural cosmetic sales in Poland. The cosmetics are certified by NaTrue. We offer face, body and hair care products.

Ava Cosmetic Laboratory
AVA® Cosmetic laboratory is the oldest private company on the Polish market: it was established in 1961. We have a license for the production of ecological cosmetics and are proud to possess the Ecocert certificate of quality, being the best proof of our use of organic and 100% natural ingredients. Our main assets are premium quality, tradition and ecology.

Bandi Cosmetics Ltd.
Bandi Cosmetics is a Polish manufacturer of professional cosmetics. Bandi is designed for beauty parlours and spas. The company was established in 1986 and now offers a few dozen professional products and a complete range of retail face and body care cosmetics. Bandi portfolio contains cosmetics for every type of skin.

Beliso Ltd
We have been a distributor and a manufacturer of high quality, professional hair styling products for over 17 years. All our cosmetics are produced on the basis of modern technology and from the best natural resources available in the world. Since 1995, we have been the owners of the Cece of Sweden brand, which offers a wide range of hair care, styling and coloration products.

Since 1990 we have been implementing high technology to manufacture products based on carefully selected natural ingredients. Every client can find a product suitable for their skin. Unique approach to beauty care has contributed to the Company’s solid market position in Poland. Moreover, Bielenda is firmly determined to mark its presence on the international markets as well.

New dermo-aesthetic solutions for beauty salon and home care – over 220 professional skin care products, 90 home care preparations and laser equipment in top new technology – PHOTO-DYNAMIQ® Laser R/IR/UV in Synergy with Magnetic Field, THERMO-SPHERIX® M-RF Thermo Laser with Rotation Magnetic Field®. Our range of products includes formulas for every skin problem include anti-ageing and problematic skin treatments, acid peels, no-needle mesotherapy serums.

Farmona Laboratory of Natural Cosmetics
FARMONA is one of the Polish leading producers and exporters of cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics for face, body and hair care. In our offer we also have professional cosmetics, aimed for beauty salons, spas and skin care clinics. All Farmona’s products are based on natural ingredients and innovative recipes, created in our laboratories in collaboration with a team of scientists and dermatologists. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries in export.

Floslek Cosmetic Laboratory – producer of cosmetics for complete face and body care and protection. Our brands: Floslek Pharma – dermocosmetics created for problematic skin and Floslek Laboratory – cosmetics for women, men and children. Our cosmetics are created in the modern R&D laboratory and are based on innovatory formulas and natural active ingredients, characterized with high effectiveness and safety of use.

HEAN is a manufacturer of color cosmetics and skin care (est. 1980) Our offer is a market economy, premium and professional products. We guarantee high quality, safe product and excellent proces, because we have our own R & D laboratory and we control our own production plant in Poland. From 10 years we provides also B2B services for private labels contracts on both domestic and foreign markets.

Impa is the world’s leading PUR pumice producer. The company’s clients are located in 35 foreign markets and its products are considered a pumice quality benchmark. Impa specializes in private label production. A diversified offer consists of over 30 variations of pumice sponges, also in forms of pedicure handles, foot files and pumice powder. The laser logo can also be added to the pumice.

Interton specializes in the production of make-up cosmetics and packaging for colour cosmetics such as lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, powder and lipstick. Interton’s products are made exclusively of certified, authorised for production materials, sourced from reliable, quality-certified suppliers.
A variety of lip-gloss and eyeliner applicators as well as a multitude of mascara brushes are on the offer. Interton is committed to guaranteeing the best quality of its products at each subsequent production stage, making every effort to ensure that the cosmetics sold satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Mia Calnea
Mia Calnea is a brand signing a line of products designed for the care and protection of heels and toes. The highest quality of our products, their functionality and undeniable attention to customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of the brand Mia Calnea. Our mission is to provide the best products to ensure the protection and care of heels and toes while maintaining the greatest possible commitment to the environment, as evidenced by the FSC and PEFC certified. Products of the Mia Calnea brand are made from natural materials using advanced CNC technology. Monitoring of quality controllers and manually perform some of the tasks in the production make each product realy high quality.

Norel Dr Wilsz was established in 1961 and is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in Poland and Central Europe. Company is focused on the professional market. Norel products are sold to beauty salons and spa in Poland and 10 other European countries.
Norel has 300 products, including 200 products for face and body treatments. Products are designed to perform over 20 face and 20 body treatments. In addition Norel offers over 70 product for home care.

NUCO Creative Color Solutions – is a manufacturer of decorative cosmetics. We offer: loose and pressed powders, sintered products, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners, foundations, concealers, eye shadow bases and make-up bases. The services we provide include full service, part service and the production of cosmetic bases. We personalize our lines of color cosmetics.

Oceanic SA
For over 30 years, OCEANIC has been a specialist in the production of AA cosmetics for sensitive and allergic skin. Each month, we manufacture 2 million items in our modern factory which fulfills the standards of pharmaceutical production GMP. AA cosmetics have their consumers in Poland and 25 other countries. They have been many times awarded with prestigious rewards, one of which is Superbrands 2012.

PHARMENA SA is a publicly traded specialty healthcare company, which develops and markets innovative products based on a patented, physiological and natural active substance 1-MNA. The company has well diversified portfolio covering indications such as: excessive hair loss, dandruff, mild/moderate acne, sunburns, skin allergies and anti-aging. At the same time, PHARMENA SA is engaged in the development of new oral medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and other disorders.

Phenicoptere Ltd.
Phenicoptere ltd. has created a new subcategory on the make-up removals‘ market launching innovative and patented products GLOV Hydro Demaquillage. GLOV removes even strong make-up and mascara only with water and clean skin with micro-precision up to 3 months of usage. It is possible thanks to the micro fibers, which are 100 thinner than a human hair, have a star shape and electrostatic abilities. GLOV products were launched with a great success on the Polish market and the company is continuing global expansion.

Pierre Rene
Pierre Rene’s colourful cosmetics guarantee their clients a wide product range and a quality to meet every woman’s expectations. An abundance of choice, our use of cutting-edge technology and our consumer-friendly prices are all strengths which have helped the company maintain its position as a market leader for many years now.

Serpol Cosmetics
Serpol Cosmetics is a specialized manufacturer of cosmetics, household chemicals and plastic packaging PET and DOYPACK. Over 20 years of experience has enabled us to achieve a leading position on the Polish market. A key area of ​​the company’s activity is production of private labels for retail chains and distributors from all over Europe. The quality of the company is based on ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and Good Manufacturing Practice ISO 22716:2007.

Synesis is the first Polish boutique brand which creates its own formulas. Our priority is the effectiveness of our cosmetics and we achieve it using a large quantity of active components. Our formulas conform with the physiology and natural needs of the skin. We normally make our cosmetics in two versions: BIO or pharmaceutical.
We are also a perfume designer. We were the first company in Poland to create a scent in cooperation with a TV star – Mr Maciej Szczęsny.

Our Export department is based at our main factory in Warsaw Poland just 5 minutes from the International Airport and 4 hours from the international shipping port of Gdynia and Gdansk.
Our team is made up of Export specialist who are experienced in logistics, country documentation, product management & project management. We are a multinational department with native speakers of English, Russian and Polish in addition we speak Spanish, German. With the launch of our new product ranges we have seen rapid growth in our existing Export markets and also with many new markets opened already this year.

Uroda Polska
Uroda Polska was established in 1996. Currently one of the most important Polish perfume & cosmetic manufacturers. The company produces and distributes its products through both channels: wholesale distributorship and retail chains all over the world. In 2009, the Company extended its portfolio by acquiring the well-known skin care brands: Melisa, Kwiaty Polskie (“Polish Flowers”) and Active 90.

Verona Products Professional
Verona Products Professional is a leading producer of make-up, face and body care, coloration, styling, hair care products and perfumes. Our absolute priorities are the highest standards and aesthetics. We are also renowned for our innovation, professionalism, original design and high quality at a reasonable price in more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

YONELLE is a luxurious cosmetic brand dedicated to women 40+. Innovative infusion cosmetics with above-average anti-aging effectiveness are created with NANODISCS™ – revolutionary carriers of active ingredients. Our offer consists of the H2O Infusion Line and Infusion Line and is constantly being enlarged . We also have professional cosmetics brand YONELLE MEDESTHETIC and exclusive Spa Salon in Warsaw.