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From Dubai to the Middle East and Africa – the Trails of Polish Cosmetics

Tuesday, 26.05.2015

The Beautyworld Middle East Fair in Dubai has been enjoying the growing interest of Polish cosmetic producers.  24 exhibitors from Poland will take part in it this year. The fair starts on the 26th of May. 

The MENA region (the Middle East and North Africa) is a very big and systematically growing cosmetics market. The Euromonitor data points to the retail sales of cosmetics and face and body care products having gone up to 25.5 billion dollars. The  projected growth for that market is over 4% per year  – in 2018 it is to exceed the threshold of  30 billion dollars.
Many Polish cosmetics exporters consider  Middle Eastern markets to be the most progressive ones of all and have high expectations with regards to them.
the Middle East is one of the most prospective regions in the world. The cosmetics market there is growing at a very fast pace. The purchasing potential of consumers in countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Katar has been markedly growing. We are happy to note that the high quality of cosmetics for sensitive and alergy-prone skin of our AA brand and our offer tailored to those markets have been satisfying a growing number of recipients in that region – says Marek Chotkowski, export director at Oceanic company.
The Middle East strategies of Polish exporters are mirrored in macroeconomic data. Although the export of Polish cosmetics has gone down slightly in the case of the Emirates as such from 20.4 in 2013 to 19.7 mln USD in 2014, that is probably to a large extent due to limitations in the necessity of re-exports – sales with the aid of a go-between partner in the Emirates. The fact that the Polish producers have found importers directly in the other countries of the region is brought out in the substantial rises of the export to other big MENA markets: to Egypt from 13 to 15.5 million USD, to Morocco from 11.9 to 12.8 mln USD, to Saudi Arabia from 7.7 to 9.2 mln USD, to Algiers from 4.4 to 5.3 mln USD.  
The growing popularity of that export direction among Polish producers was undoubtedly influenced by the fact that it was included in the operations of the Programme for the Promotion of the Polish Cosmetics Branch, realised by SPC House of Media at the order of the Ministry of Economy.

A wide offer tailored to needs
The Dubai fair draws business clients from all of the MENA region. 70% of them come from countries whose purchase power is greatest, i.e. from Saudi Arabia, Iran and ZEA. Those are markets that are very absorptive and open to ranges of various different products – hence Polish exhibitors take part in that event regardless of the fact whether they specialise in care cosmetics (e.g. Oceanic), colour cosmetics (e.g. Delia or Verona), specialist ones (e.g. Over Cosmetics), or whether they produce packagings (e.g. Dekorglass). Among the exhibitors from Poland are those who have been going to Dubai for many years, as well as those for whom this year’s edition will be a debut. The Beautyworld Fair is a splendid occasion to strengthen one’s position in the region and to present an offer that is directed at Middle Eastern clients.
Delia Cosmetics wil be present at the Dubai fair for the fifth time. Year by year we have been noting high rises in sales: this year we are planning to double our sales in the region. What has been the key to our success is their appropriate adaptation: a suitable graphic form, descriptions and promotion materials in Arabic. What has also been of key importance is our experience in registering products on the different markets – says Marcin Karkocha, export director at Delia Cosmetics.
Also producers of packagings are aware that their product has to be suited to the needs of local clients.
We are taking into account the style and direction of the decorations, characteristic in that region. Arabic countries are characterised by sumptousness, faithfulness to Arabic design and calligraphy. They are also countries that are open to innovations. A bottle of perfume or eau de cologne is to refer in its design to a work of art, hence rich decorations, such as golden metallisations, golden and  platinum prints are in common use. We are able to propose such solutions – says Iwona Jadanowska, the marketing co-ordinator in Dekorglass.
Dubai is also an excellent place for companies who wish to present their offer on that market for the first time. It is there that the first key business contacts are to be made.
We feel it is an excellent opportunity to present our Over Cosmetics brand to the world for the first time, as well as our specialist cosmetic lines: med- a line of specialist medical products, beauty- body care cosmetics and hygienic&clean – products making hygiene care easier, as well as formulas removing organic grime – says Ryszard Kryus, export director at Over Cosmetics.

More than the Middle East
Dubai is nevertheless not just a door to the Middle East and the North African markets, but also to Sub-Sahara Africa, which constitutes a very promising region. The cosmetics market, worth almost 9 billion dollars today, is growing at a pace of around 10% per year and in 2017 is expected to reach the level of 11.3 billion dollars. Those are relatively new areas for the Polish companies, but some of them are already present there.  
We began our expansion in the African countries some years ago, noting satisfactory rises in sales. The most popular products there are hair colour ones, colour cosmetics and lines of white cosmetics dedicated to those markets. In 2015, we are planning a dynamic development in African countries – we are assuming a growth in sales by over 50% – says Katarzyna Olędzka, marketing manager at Verona Products Professional.
The Beautyworld Middle East fair is going to last three days, till 28th May.

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