SPC House of Media is a media agency conducting the programme to promote the Polish cosmetic industry on the foreign markets on the behalf of the Polish Ministry of Economy.

Contact the programme organisers:

Tomasz Sobecki
tel. 22 439 06 52

Roland Sprung
tel.: 22 439 06 50
(contact in English)

SPC House of Media
ul. Madalińskiego 20/1A
02-513 Warszawa
fax: +48 22 6465072

SPC House of Media is a media agency successfully active on the Polish market since 1999, providing Polish and foreign clients with effective advertisement strategies.


Sector Promotion Programme of the cosmetics industry is a project conducted under a system project implemented by the Polish Ministry of Economy titled: “The Promotion of Polish Economy on International Markets”, Sub-measure 6.5.1 of the Innovative Economy Operation Programme.

The Programme is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.


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