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Catalogue of Polish Cosmetics Producers
The Polish Cosmetics Industry


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Press releases:

For the first time, the Polish National Pavilion at the biggest cosmetics fair in Japan - 15.01.2016
From Dubai to the Middle East and Africa – the Trails of Polish Cosmetics - 26.05.2015
Polish Cosmetics in the World Vanguard, 01.04.2015
Polish cosmetic producers are in Dubai once again, 10.04.2014
The Polish cosmetics industry has made a dashing appearance at the world’s most important beauty fair, 10.04.2014
Polish cosmetics producers will exhibit their novelties in Bologna, 01.04.2014
Foreign buyers and journalists took a closer look at the Polish cosmetic industry, 30.09.2014
Cosmetics from Poland in Asia, 12.11.2013
Polish cosmetics are strengthening their position on the market in the Middle East and North Africa, 27.05.2013
Polish Cosmetic Companies Are Out There To Show Their Power, 05.03.2013
The Launch of the Polish Cosmetics Promotion Programme, 31.07.2012


Study tour for distributors and journalists in Warsaw, 24-27.09.2014 - presentations:

Alba Thyment Presentation
Chantarelle Presentation
Nuco Presentation
Oceanic Presentation
Pharmena Presentation
Świt Pharma Presentation
Uroda Polska Presentation
Companies’ General Presentation
Polish Cosmetic Industry Presentation

Cosmoprof Bologna 2014 summary:

Post show press release
Introductory press release
Poland’s Novelties Catalogue
Photo gallery

Plan of the Polish National Pavilion

Full list of Polish Exhibitors
Poland's Novelties presentation: Overview
Poland's Novelties presentation: Skin
Poland's Novelties presentation: Colour
Poland's Novelties presentation: Hair

Study tour for distributors and journalists in Warsaw, 26-29.09.2013 - presentations:

Polish Ministry of Economy - presentation on A Brand for Polish Economy
Polish Cosmetics - presentation
Polish Cosmetics - presentation (China)
Company on the leading edge of cosmetic innovation - Dr Irena Eris
Microprecision in removing make-up - GLOV
Innovative Research & Development in the Cosmetic Industry - Oceanic SA
The heels beauty - Mia Calnea
Cosmetics’ safety - Floslek Laboratory
From professional market to retail channel - Beliso
How products of high quality can be affordable for everybody - Ziaja LTD

Inaugurating Conference, 14.09.2012 - presentations:

Forecast of GDP for 2012 – Roland Sprung, SPC House of Media
Report: Polish Cosmetic Market – Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown, Polski Związek Przemysłu Kosmetycznego
Research and Development in the cosmetic industry – Katarzyna Grużewska, Oceanic S.A.
Innovative natural and organic cosmetics – Bożena Mirkowska, Ava Laboratorium
Professional Cosmetics production – Ewelina Godlewska, Clarena
Polish cosmetics export – Katarzyna Olędzka, Verona Products Professional
From tough beginnings to the influential brand – Michał Kiciński, Bandi

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