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Poland – Cosmoprof 2016 Partner Country

Monday, 25.01.2016

Poland is a Partner Country of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2016 fair, the biggest and most important trade event in Europe, that will take place on 18-21st March 2016 in Bologna, Italy.

This prestigious title proves the strong position of the Polish cosmetic industry in the world. 

More than 100 exhibitors from Poland will be present at Cosmoprof and Cosmopack.

Almost half of the companies will be located in the Polish Pavilion in Hall 29. They are a perfect example of what Poland has to offer: producers of a wide range of innovative products of the highest quality, representing all the categories, both for individual and professional use.

Polish Information Point and Café is located there as well. Feel invited there for coffee and the catalogue of Polish exhibitors!

Arrange your business meetings with Polish Pavilion exhibitors today, using the meeting planner system which allows you to contact any company directly.


Polish National Pavilion in the Hall 29

The largest representation of Polish manufacturers will be present in the Country Pavilions in Hall 29:


Plan of the Polish National Pavilion



List of the Polish National Pavilion exhibitors

Company Stand no.
The company Apis Natural Cosmetics Sp. z o. o. is an experienced manufacturer of cosmetics. It has been developing its offer for the past 27 years, searching for innovative solutions, creating products of the highest quality. In its product portfolio the company haves over 250 products for beauty salons, schools, beauty products wholesalers, SPAs and retail customers. The Apis company has won numerous awards.

Beauty Face
We believe that everyone is entitled to exceptional skin care. No matter how old they are, what type of skin they have or how much money they have. This is why we make ready-to-use skin treatments for face and body. Our cosmetics are based on marine collagen and other natural active ingredients which help even the most demanding skin restore its freshness, vitality and natural beauty.

Beliso Ltd
We have been a distributor and a manufacturer of high quality, professional hair styling products for over 17 years. All our cosmetics are produced on the basis of modern technology and from the best natural resources available in the world. Since 1995, we have been the owners of the Cece of Sweden brand, which offers a wide range of hair care, styling and coloration products.

Since 1990 we have been implementing high technology to manufacture products based on carefully selected natural ingredients. Every client can find a product suitable for their skin. Unique approach to beauty care has contributed to the Company’s solid market position in Poland. Moreover, Bielenda is firmly determined to mark its presence on the international markets as well.

BingoSpa is a Polish manufacturer and importer of cosmetic ingredients. Being a company that has been operating since 1988, it is recognised as a cosmetic brand present in a dozen of countries, which offers approximately 500 cosmetics for body, face and hair care.

Dermedic is a dermocosmetic brand created on the basis of experience of dermatologists, cosmetologists and biotechnologists. When the dermocosmetic products are being devel¬oped, the newest trends in dermatology are used according to the EADV standards (Europe¬an Academy of Dermatology and Venerology) cutting the edges of skin care and treatment. Technological innovations discovered on international fairs, symposiums and congresses have also crucial impact on our portfolio of products.

Blue Konrad Bendykowski
The Company “Blue Konrad Bendykowski” has been discovering variety of fragrances and ways of transferring them into our homes, offices and hotels since 1998. The Company “Blue” is a unique producer of exclusive perfumes for home, office and hotels, which are known under the brand Pure Home Perfume. Our Company is unique, because we are totally committed to the art of inventing amazing scents that contribute in creation of an exceptional character of every interior. High quality of painstakingly selected aroma compositions from Grasse in France, recognized in the world as a capital of fragrances, guarantees satisfaction and tremendous fragrance experience to every purchaser. All fragrances are heavenly symphonies of luxurious interior aromas, wrapped in the attractive packaging.

New dermo-aesthetic solutions for beauty salon and home care – over 220 professional skin care products, 90 home care preparations and laser equipment in top new technology – PHOTO-DYNAMIQ® Laser R/IR/UV in Synergy with Magnetic Field, THERMO-SPHERIX® M-RF Thermo Laser with Rotation Magnetic Field®. Our range of products includes formulas for every skin problem include anti-ageing and problematic skin treatments, acid peels, no-needle mesotherapy serums.

Dax Cosmetics Ltd
Dax Cosmetics has been a leading Polish producer of cosmetics for over 30 years. Our mission is creating and enhancing cosmetics based on modern technologies and innovative sources. Caring for customer satisfaction, we try to discover their needs and offer them products of the highest quality.

Our company is an alternative to the revolutionary, innovative and creative glass decorating. DEKORGLASS offers creative packaging. Almost 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE helps us better understand expectations of our customers. We offer NOT ONLY INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS in glass decorating but above all we offer CONSULTING, INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO YOU AND YOUR EXPECTATIONS. We appreciate it therefore we are improving our service year after year.

Delia Cosmetics
Delia Cosmetics is a Polish family-owned company that has been producing cosmetics for over 15 years. In the extremely rich cosmetic portfolio we have more than 400 cosmetics: for make-up, face, body, hair and nails care. Nowadays, Delia Cosmetics products are distributed in Poland and in 40 countries around the world. Our mission is to meet or exceed the customers needs by providing the highest quality products in accordance with the newest trends.

Diva Beauty A27/B

Equalan Pharma Europe
Equalan Pharma Europe is a dynamically developing cosmetic company that specializes in professional and home skin treatment. Trying to meet our clients’ expectations and satisfy their needs, we produce a wide range of high quality cosmetics for skin and hair. Our trusted skin care formulas include: products with esterified glycolic acid, anti-acne treatment based on QuSome delivery, Argan Oil Line, innovative anti hair loss treatment patches and others.

Efektima is a Polish cosmetics company founded in 2000. It specializes in anti-aging cosmetics for women and men and special body treatments. The company’s products are targeted especially for those whose skin requires more intensive care and prevention of negative effects of the passing time. The company observes with great interest the recent developments and trends in the world cosmetics and uses in its production the newest resources that are of utmost efficiency in the fight against time. The cosmetics it offers are dermatologically tested and subjected to application tests, which allows you to believe that all these products have proven quality and high effectiveness. Efektima has in its portfolio tree brands: Efektima (body and face care cosmetics), Efektima Pharmacare (a few series of dermocosmetics) and Man’s Lab (cosmetics for men). Our products won numerous award. Lately, we are especially proud of “Złoty brzuszek 2015” (eng Golden Tummy Award 2015) – an award for our Mama-Care series of cosmetics for pregnant women and new mams, which is issued for best products for mothers and their babies.

Cosmetic Laboratories Dr Irena Eris
Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories is the most widely recognized Polish manufacturer of skin care cosmetics. Established in 1983, the company has seen a dynamic growth on international markets. The product portfolio includes 4 brands: Dr Irena Eris (premium and professional cosmetics), Pharmaceris (pharmaceutical dermocosmetics), Lirene (cosmetics for mass consumers) and Under Twenty (skin care products for teenagers). Dr Irena Eris is the only cosmetics company in Poland with its own Centre for Science and Research. All cosmetics are developed based on the company’s original formulas following a multi-stage testing process.

Floslek Cosmetic Laboratory
Floslek Cosmetic Laboratory – producer of cosmetics for complete face and body care and protection. Our brands: Floslek Pharma – dermocosmetics created for problematic skin and Floslek Laboratory – cosmetics for women, men and children. Our cosmetics are created in the modern R&D laboratory and are based on innovatory formulas and natural active ingredients, characterized with high effectiveness and safety of use.

HEAN is a manufacturer of color cosmetics and skin care (est. 1980) Our offer is a market economy, premium and professional products. We guarantee high quality, safe product and excellent proces, because we have our own R & D laboratory and we control our own production plant in Poland. From 10 years we provides also B2B services for private labels contracts on both domestic and foreign markets.

HERLA is one of the leading brands specialized in the manufacturing of the natural & professional cosmetics for face and body care contributing the latest ECO trends. Created with passion for pure nature, its benefits and natural beauty. The origins of the company date back to 1992, in which activity in terms of natural components initiated aspiration to global ecological trends in the world of beauty industry.

Jfenzi Perfume Professional
A unique and modern outlook on perfumes, combined with long-term experience at the scent market has helped us build a company with a consistent and stable strategy. Using only verified top-shelf components, relying on constant development, modern technologies and creative solutions allow us to remain in the lead of manufacturers of best perfumes.

Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory GP B. Górka, R. Korczak
Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory is a dynamically growing company which has been present on the Polish market for over 30 years. We excel in the production of skin and hair care cosmetics offering modern, high quality cosmetics elaborated in our own laboratory. All in beautiful packaging and attractive prices.

Marba International
Producer of private label detergents, also in tablets.

New Anna Cosmetics
Since 1991 New Anna Cosmetics has developed an unique line of natural hair care products. Our goal is to create modern and safe cosmetics. We believe in innovation as a source of business and place emphasis on creative solutions. Our clients’ and business partners’ trust is the best indicator of quality and effectiveness of our products.

Oceanic SA
For over 30 years, OCEANIC has been a specialist in the production of AA cosmetics for sensitive and allergic skin. Each month, we manufacture 2 million items in our modern factory which fulfills the standards of pharmaceutical production GMP. AA cosmetics have their consumers in Poland and 25 other countries. They have been many times awarded with prestigious rewards, one of which is Superbrands 2012.

Paper&Nonwoven Mem Group
Paper & Nonwoven is a company that combines professionalism, experience, high quality products and competitive prices. Manufacturer of hygiene products for the cosmetics industry, hairdressing, spa and medical. We produce towels, bedsheets, strips for epilation, nonwoven wipes, disposable underwear, etc.

Phenicoptere ltd. has created a new subcategory on the make-up removals‘ market launching innovative and patented products GLOV Hydro Demaquillage. GLOV removes even strong make-up and mascara only with water and clean skin with micro-precision up to 3 months of usage. It is possible thanks to the micro fibers, which are 100 thinner than a human hair, have a star shape and electrostatic abilities. GLOV products were launched with a great success on the Polish market and the company is continuing global expansion.

Poland Information Point
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Realash Cosmetics
Our company continuously draws inspiration from nature, discovering wonderful properties of natural plant extracts to produce innovative eyelash enhancer which safety has been confirmed in tests. Nowadays cosmetics are made from ingredients which may cause irritation, allergy or skin problems. We aim at producing safe and effective cosmetics. The research and tests on the final formula have taken dozens of working hours, however the results are impressive. Our innovative formula is highly competitive.

V&K Cosmetic Krzystof Morowiec, Violetta Morowiec
V&K Cosmetic is Exclusive Partner of American brand SNS (Signature Nail System) which provides a dipping system that is natural and healthy to your real nails. SNS dipping powder has no odor, no liquid, no primer and no UV light. It is for healthy nails, unlike gel or acrylic. SNS are much thinner, light weight, easy to do and most important, helps your client’s nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of Vitamins and Calcium.

Verona Products Professional
Verona Products Professional is a leading producer of make-up, face and body care, coloration, styling, hair care products and perfumes. Our absolute priorities are the highest standards and aesthetics. We are also renowned for our innovation, professionalism, original design and high quality at a reasonable price in more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.