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Poland’s Novelties at Cosmoprof 2014

Thursday, 06.02.2014

Look up all the new, innovative products launched by Polish cosmetic companies at Cosmoprof 2014!

Visit Poland’s Novelties Showroom at the Polish Pavilion in Hall 29. View the upcoming cosmetic hits of 2014, help yourself to the Polish catalogue and chill out in the Polish café over a free coffee.

Do not miss Poland’s novelties show on Sat, 5th April, 10AM, at the Service Center.

Choose the stands you want to visit. More than 100 Polish exhibitors will be present at Cosmoprof and Cosmopack, with the biggest group of companies located in the Polish Pavilion in Hall 29.



Poland’s Novelties Showroom

We invite you to Poland’s Novelties Showroom!

It is located at the Polish National Pavilion in Hall 29. 

Look up all the upcoming cosmetic hits of 2014, launched by Polish companies in Bologne and presented in one spot for your convenience.

Help yourself to the Polish catalogue, presenting the Showroom exhibits.

New! Exclusive Showroom preview  – download the PDF version of the catalogue today!

Chill out at the Polish café over a free coffee.

Ask the Showroom staff all the questions you might have regarding the Polish cosmetics industry, its companies and products!


Poland’s Novelties Show

All the novelties presented at Poland’s Novelties Showroom will be launched during Poland’s Novelties Show! It takes place on Saturday, 5th April, 10AM, at the International Forum in the Cosmoprof Service Center.

It will be a fascinating introduction to the Polish cosmetic industry. There will be a multimedia presentation with an overview of new products, with live music and hostesses handing out samples of the cosmetic novelties.

Afterwards, we invite you to lunch in  Poland’s Novelties Showroom & Caféat the Polish Pavilion in Hall 29.


The Polish National Pavilion

24 cosmetics producers from Poland are exhibiting at the Polish National Pavilion. Poland’s Novelties Showroom & Café is located there as well.

Arrange your business meetings with Polish Pavilion exhibitors today, using the meeting planner system which allows you to contact any company directly.


The Polish National Pavilion is located in Hall 29:

Plan of the Polish Pavilion:


More information about the Polish National Pavilion exhibitors:

  CompanyStand no.
Alba Thyment Ltd
Alba Thyment Ltd is a family company established in Poznan, Poland in 1913. We manufacture and sell cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Since our inception we are known for our flagship product, the original Carmelite Essence, Argol® Essenza Balsamica. “Healthy is Beautiful” is not just a company tagline, but it is a reflection of our business philosophy. Our carefully crafted natural products received many awards and recognitions.
A24-B23 I

Beliso Ltd
We have been a distributor and a manufacturer of high quality, professional hair styling products for over 17 years. All our cosmetics are produced on the basis of modern technology and from the best natural resources available in the world. Since 1995, we have been the owners of the Cece of Sweden brand, which offers a wide range of hair care, styling and coloration products.
A14-B13 A

BluxCosmetics Ltd
BluxCosmetics Ltd. has been a growing producer of cosmetics, cosmetic toiletry and car care products since 1992. We are based in Trzciana near Rzeszów. Our products are sold under the following brands: Naturaphy, Blux, AutoLider and under the distributors’ own labels. Some of our clients are: Auchan, Carrefour, E. Leclerc, Rossmann. Our product range comprises more than 150 positions and we export over 70% of our products to 20 countries.
A24-B23 F

Bowil Biotech is the first biotechnological company in Europe which, in accordance with their patents, is producing innovative material – bionanocellulose in pharmaceutical standard GMP.
Bionanocellulose (BNC) is ultra clean biopolymer, which contains nanometric-sized fibers, due to its unique properties it is used for the production of intelligent cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical wares called CelMat®.
Range of products is addressed to beauty salons, SPA’s, aestetic medicine and individual recipients.
A36-B35 I

Dax Cosmetics Ltd
Dax Cosmetics has been a leading Polish producer of cosmetics for over 25 years. Our mission is creating and enhancing cosmetics based on modern technologies and innovative sources. Caring for customer satisfaction, we try to discover their needs and offer them products of the highest quality.
A24-B23 E

Delia Cosmetics
Delia Cosmetics is a Polish family-owned company that has been producing cosmetics for over 15 years. In the extremely rich cosmetic portfolio we have more than 400 cosmetics: for make-up, face, body, hair and nails care. Nowadays, Delia Cosmetics products are distributed in Poland and in 40 countries around the world. Our mission is to meet or exceed the customers needs by providing the highest quality products in accordance with the newest trends.
A14-B13 D

Cosmetic Laboratories Dr Irena Eris
Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories is the most widely recognized Polish manufacturer of skin care cosmetics. Established in 1983, the company has seen a dynamic growth on international markets. The product portfolio includes 4 brands: Dr Irena Eris (premium and professional cosmetics), Pharmaceris (pharmaceutical dermocosmetics), Lirene (cosmetics for mass consumers) and Under Twenty (skin care products for teenagers). Dr Irena Eris is the only cosmetics company in Poland with its own Centre for Science and Research. All cosmetics are developed based on the company’s original formulas following a multi-stage testing process.
A24-B23 A

Euphora is a producer of Paese- brand of make-up cosmetics.
Paese offers a full range of high quality beauty cosmetics with a wide colour palette, innovative formulas and attractive packaging.
We keep growing not only in Poland but also in other countries. We are distributing to countries like Dubai, The UK, Ukraine, Ireland, Spain, Iran, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Finland and others.
A24-B23 H

Floslek Cosmetic Laboratory – producer of cosmetics for complete face and body care and protection. Our brands: Floslek Pharma – dermocosmetics created for problematic skin and Floslek Laboratory – cosmetics for women, men and children. Our cosmetics are created in the modern R&D laboratory and are based on innovatory formulas and natural active ingredients, characterized with high effectiveness and safety of use.
A24-B23 D

HEAN is a manufacturer of color cosmetics and skin care (est. 1980) Our offer is a market economy, premium and professional products. We guarantee high quality, safe product and excellent proces, because we have our own R & D laboratory and we control our own production plant in Poland. From 10 years we provides also B2B services for private labels contracts on both domestic and foreign markets.
A24-B23 G

Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory
Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory is a dynamically growing company which has been present on the Polish market for over 30 years. We excel in the production of skin and hair care cosmetics offering modern, high quality cosmetics elaborated in our own laboratory. All in beautiful packaging and attractive prices.
A24-B23 B

MarbaA36-B35 B/G

Miraculum SA is a Polish cosmetic company which builds its strong market position on the basis of its 90 year old tradition. The high quality of our products lets us meet the needs of demanding customers. Our offer has been rewarded in contests many times and has received high ratings in prestigious rankings.
A24-B23 C

MPS International Ltd. is a company developing in three strategic directions: cosmetic production, production of plastic bottles/canisters and cleaning products.
Experience gained for years of operation in the Polish and foreign markets allows us to offer comprehensive service of development of the finished product starting from the very concept, with essential design support, through technical analysis and professional consulting, ending up with the product ready for sale.
A36-B35 D

For over 30 years, OCEANIC has been a specialist in the production of AA cosmetics for sensitive and allergic skin. Each month, we manufacture 2 million items in our modern factory which fulfills the standards of pharmaceutical production GMP. AA cosmetics have their consumers in Poland and 25 other countries. They have been many times awarded with prestigious rewards, one of which is Superbrands 2012.
A14-B13 E

“Pulanna” Spółka z o.o. was established on the Polish market 20 years ago. From the year 2000 we produce the cosmetics according to very strong GMP and ISO rules. Thanks to the new technologies and high quality ingredients we are able to create the line of products for the most fussy clients who are very demanding.
The very special technology makes “Pulanna” cosmetic products both exceptionally efficient and long-lasting in their action.
According to the company’s mission statement, all chemicals and synthetically obtained ingredients ought to be replaced by plant extracts which, despite being somewhat slower in action, are at least completely natural. See: http://www.pulanna.com.pl
A36-B35 B/G

Phenicoptere ltd. has created a new subcategory on the make-up removals‘ market launching innovative and patented products GLOV Hydro Demaquillage. GLOV removes even strong make-up and mascara only with water and clean skin with micro-precision up to 3 months of usage. It is possible thanks to the micro fibers, which are 100 thinner than a human hair, have a star shape and electrostatic abilities. GLOV products were launched with a great success on the Polish market and the company is continuing global expansion.
A14-B13 F

Serpol Cosmetics
Serpol Cosmetics is a specialized manufacturer of cosmetics, household chemicals and plastic packaging PET and DOYPACK. Over 20 years of experience has enabled us to achieve a leading position on the Polish market. A key area of ​​the company’s activity is production of private labels for retail chains and distributors from all over Europe. The quality of the company is based on ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and Good Manufacturing Practice ISO 22716:2007.
A36-B35 C

Poland’s Novelties Showroom & Cafe
Visiting Polish Pavilion, do not miss Poland’s Novelties Showroom. View the upcoming cosmetic hits of 2014, launched by Polish companies in Bologne and presented in one spot for your convenience. Help yourself to the Polish catalogue, presenting to you Showroom exhibits and chill out in the Polish café over a free coffee. Ask Showroom staff all the questions you have regarding Polish cosmetics industry, companies and products!
A14-B13 G

Our Export department is based at our main factory in Warsaw Poland just 5 minutes from the International Airport and 4 hours from the international shipping port of Gdynia and Gdansk.
Our team is made up of Export specialist who are experienced in logistics, country documentation, product management & project management. We are a multinational department with native speakers of English, Russian and Polish in addition we speak Spanish, German. With the launch of our new product ranges we have seen rapid growth in our existing Export markets and also with many new markets opened already this year.
A14-B13 C

Uzdrowisko Rabka
Health Resort & SPA Rabka produces cosmetics based on mineral water – therapeutic iodine-bromine brine. Beneficial effects of brines know millions of bathers not only Polish but also from other European countries. The SPA is proposed for our customers, “Saline SPA” as a continuation of the treatment of dermatological problems and as a relaxation for body and soul. Cosmetics is directed to people who care about their health and their appearance.
A36-B35 H

Verona Products Professional
Verona Products Professional is a leading producer of make-up, face and body care, coloration, styling, hair care products and perfumes. Our absolute priorities are the highest standards and aesthetics. We are also renowned for our innovation, professionalism, original design and high quality at a reasonable price in more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
A36-B35 A

WALLER Polska Ltd is a direct manufacturer of cosmetics designed for professional beauty salons and for mass market as well. We focus on beauty care products for manicure, pedicure, body SPA, nail stylization, nail care, tanning and whitening solutions.
Our company offers distribution of Perfect Lady brand products, and also private label manufacturing. Our sales range includes: nail polish, nail nourishers, UV gels, acrylics, masks, balms, creams, liquid soaps, tanning and whitening mousse, etc.
Moreover we distribute cosmetic tools and accessories.
A36-B35 E

Ziaja Ltd
Ziaja Ltd is a family-owned company founded in 1989 by pharmacists Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja. Our offer includes over 900 products for face, body, hair and intimate hygiene care. Today, the company is one of the biggest beauty care manufacturers in Poland with 42 million items of products sold in 2011 and a 25% volume market share in the face cream sector.
A14-B13 B


Polish companies at Cosmoprof

More than 100 Polish exhibitors will be present at Cosmoprof and Cosmopack, with the biggest group of companies located in the Polish National Pavilion in Hall 29.

Full list of Polish Exhibitors – download