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Polish Cosmetic Companies Are Out There To Show Their Power

Monday, 04.03.2013

Poland is going to be one of the most numerously represented countries at Cosmoprof 2013, a top international cosmetics fair taking place in place in Bologne in Italy from the 8th to the 11th of March, 2013. There will almost be a 100 Polish companies exhibiting there! The Polish Deputy Minister of Economy, Ms. Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik will pay them a visit and open the conference presenting the Polish branch.

Last year, almost 2.3 thousand exhibitors participated in the fair, presenting their offer on 90 thousand m2.. The presence of such a great number of Polish companies among the exhibitors is not surprising – our native cosmetics producers are concentrating on exports at present, with the export rate for that branch having risen by 25% per annum on the average in the last decade. In effect, Poland has already become the 6th exporter of cosmetics in Europe and participation in Cosmoprof is a splendid opportunity to seek successive new buyers.

Zbigniew Kreft, export manager at Oceanic SA, stresses the importance of the event: The Cosmoprof fair in Bologne is one of the biggest cosmetics fairs – last year it was visited by 175 thousand guests from 135 countries. It is a meeting point of producers, distributors and cosmetics importers from Europe and the world. It is undoubtedly the most important trade fair event for us this year and are setting a great store by it, both in terms of upholding our existing business relations and in making new trade contacts.

Unity Gives Strength

Almost half of the exhibitors from Poland are taking part in the Branch Promotion Programme for the Cosmetic Industry, contracted by SPC House of Media from the Ministry of Economy. The Programme is to support Polish cosmetics exports and to promote the brand of Polish economy on international markets. The biggest Polish cosmetics companies are taking part in it (and they are at the same time the biggest exhibitors in Bologne), such as: the Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory, Dax Cosmetics, Eveline Cosmetics, Oceanic or Verona Products Professional. Such a substantial participation of the Polish producers in their branch’s joint promotion programme arises from the conviction that such activities are well received by international contractors.

As the ancient Greeks put it; unity gives strength. Every activity outside our own country is scrutinized and assessed much more acutely than what we do “at home”. We are representing Poland in the world and that obligates all the cosmetic companies to present themselves in the best possible light. That is later translated into how Polish cosmetic companies are perceived by international contractors – says Karina Kozerska, marketing director at Eveline Cosmetics.

There is going to be an official Polish National Pavilion at the fair, with an information desk organized alongside the stands of the particular companies, offering complex information on the cosmetic branch.

The setting up of such Pavilions makes the particular companies more noticeable during a fair and the whole Polish cosmetics branch more perceptible. In that way we communicate to all the visitors, our potential clients from different countries, that we are a strong, united group of producers, offering attractive, high quality products at reasonable prices. We thus present a wide and modern offer of the leading Polish producers, which gives a clear message that the Polish cosmetic branch is strong and its offer interesting and varied. Verona Products Professional is going to exhibit for the third time running as part of the National Pavilion, presenting a wide-ranged portfolio of its products, together with unique novelties which are going to become a permanent part of our assortment. We are very happy that the Polish Cosmetics programme is there and has already createda great opportunity for a unique promotion of every individual company, as well as the whole Polish cosmetics branch – says Andrzej Kozłowski, President of Verona Products Professional.

A conference presenting the Polish cosmetic branch is also going to take place at the National Pavilion, with the participation of the Polish Deputy Minister of Economy, Ms Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik, and representatives of the greatest Polish companies, including Dr Irena Eris (Ambassador of the Polish Economy Brand), Dorota Soszyńska (Oceanic SA), Wiktoria Brzozowska (the Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory), Andrzej Malinowski (Eveline Cosmetics) and Andrzej Kozłowski (Verona Products Professional).

A joint promotion campaign of the Polish exhibitors has been launched just prior to the fair. A special application has been made available at the official website of the Branch Promotion Programme: www.polishcosmetics.pl, to facilitate foreign buyers in arranging meetings with the Polish companies at the fair and to enable them to get acquainted with the Polish companies’ offer still before the fair itself. The application is promoted, among others, by e-mailings sent by the exhibition organizers to all the registered fair visitors.

A lot suggests that also in the case of successive fair events, Polish companies are going to decide to conduct joint promotion programmes. As Wiktoria Brzozowska, export director at the Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory has put it, consistency is the basis of success: A joint promotion of the Polish cosmetic companies is much needed, as only consistent, united activities can help to build an image of the whole cosmetics branch in Poland as modern, innovative and highly competitive. For such promotion to be successful on the international forum, in turn, it should meet some basic requirements: it should be rooted in true values, cohesive for all the branch participants, it should involve a uniform, coherent and effective communication and, further, it should be consistently carried out for several years.

Activities to support the Polish cosmetics branch have also been undertaken by the Trade and Investment Promotion Department of the Polish Embassy in Rome. As the Department Head, Counsellor Michał Górski puts it: The TIPD has noted a growing interest in Polish products on the Italian market on account of their good quality and attractive prices. Hence, the TIPD has struck up a cooperation with the Forum Agenti, an organisation grouping 390 thousand Italian trade agents, which has resulted, among others, in the creation of a website in Italian, which presents the Polish exhibitors at the Bologne fair and facilitates arranging meetings with them. 

The Fair Offer

Companies have their own individual strategies of reaching out to the client. Eveline Cosmetics have prepared a large, over 60 m2 stand: A large stand is nothing more than an enormous space to boast of our wide assortment of products. Our participation in the fair and the presentation of our products show how we have grown and developed in the past 30 years. At present, 70 million of our products reach over 70 countries all over the world, and that means that every day over 190 thousand clients buy cosmetics marked with the Eveline logo – stresses Karina Kozerska.

The Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics Laboratory, in turn, puts an emphasis on presenting the company’s research accomplishments: The fair creates a unique opportunity to present the spectacular outcomes of our newest research in cosmetology, which have resulted in two patent applications last year and which have already found an application in two unique production lines, to be presented by us in Bologne – says Wiktoria Brzozowska.

Polish companies have been preparing an offer for clients from all over the world: We are first of all prepared to present our offer at the fair to potential contractors from Europe. Yet, on account of the fair’s popularity in the cosmetic branch and the large number of fair visitors from all over the world, we are also counting on the possibility to form contacts with companies from other continents, e.g. Asia – says Zbigniew Kreft.

The fair begins already on Friday, the 8th of March and is going to last till the 11th of March.