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Polish cosmetics are strengthening their position on the market in the Middle East and North Africa

Monday, 27.05.2013

The Polish National Pavilion is going to present itself at Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai, the international cosmetics fair taking place from the 28th till the 30th of May, 2013. It is the greatest cosmetics fair in the Middle East and one of the biggest in the world, a gateway to all the markets in the region.

The Dubai fair is an excellent place to present one’s cosmetics offer – both for those companies whose products are already present in the Middle East, and for those who are only beginning to export their products there. The United Arab Emirates are considered to be the most liberal country in the region, worth beginning one’s adventure with Arabic markets from, and Dubai has been drawing customers and tradesmen from all the Gulf countries, as well as those from further regions in Asia and North Africa.

Cosmetics producers from Poland are thus taking the chance to promote their offer as part of the Branch Promotion Programme of the Polish Cosmetics Industry, implemented for the Polish Ministry of Economy by SPC House of Media.

Poland is reinforcing its position

Polish cosmetics, the 6th most often exported European cosmetics worldwide, are today present in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

Polish producers all agree that they are intent on strengthening their position in the region:

Eveline products are already accessible in most countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and our extensive experience is evident when we look at the numbers: in Dubai alone we have 120 retail outlets. Our main objective now is to solidify our position in the region, and the fair in Dubai offers a very good opportunity to meet our clients – says Filcho Komov, the Export Development Director at Eveline Cosmetics.

Grzegorz Nieć, Regional Export Manager at Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics Laboratory adds: In the past two years, our company has witnessed a continuous growth of our sales in the region. We have entered new markets: in Jordan, Libya, the United Arab Emirates. We are expecting a further growth and expansion in 2013, after we have finalized new agreements with distributors in Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.

Middle Eastern Challenges

Polish producers agree that the Middle Eastern markets are not easy ones, but nevertheless more and more of them have been deciding to seek new export possibilities there.

Ewa Sabaj, Export Manager at Blux Cosmetics, stresses that: The greatest challenge for us is to find strategic business partners, to convince them that Polish cosmetics products are good quality and that it is worth co-operating with us on a solid, partnership basis. We consider that market to be very demanding but at the same time one that creates opportunities for long-standing business relationships which can lead to a substantial rise in our exports and turnover – and hence we are intent on investing in developing our sales on it.

According to Filcho Komov, the greatest challenge is to direct our marketing strategy to fully answer market demands. It is worth working out such a strategy, though, as the Middle East market is a speedily developing cosmetics market and is much more dynamic than European ones. Iran and Saudi Arabia are among the top cosmetics consumers in the world. What is very important for us, producers, is the fact that investment returns from those markets are much faster than from European ones.

The power of adaptation

Polish producers are preparing special products designed especially for the Middle Eastern markets. They are going to present them at the coming fair.

Olga Ogrodowicz, Export Manager at Harper Hygienics, has been describing the preparations: Doubtlessly, the greatest challenge when entering the markets in the Middle East and North Africa are language barriers. We are aware that packaging in the local language is the key to success. Hence, our marketing team has started off with creating packaging in Arabic and English. We can thus strengthen our brand identification and reach many different new regions. We have also designed a new, luxurious line of Cleanic tissue, tailored for that market.

Dana Bartoszewicz, Export Manager at Farmona, the Natural Cosmetics Laboratory, stresses that the company has prepared products particularly designed for Middle Eastern customers: We know from experience that the Middle Eastern client, when buying body care cosmetics, pays special attention to an intensity of scent – and thus we have included such cosmetics in our offer. We shall also present skin whitening creams and sunscreens with strong filters. Additionally, visitors will doubtlessly be attracted to the beauty treatments we shall be offering at our stand.

The Floslek Cosmetics Laboratory has also prepared a special Middle Eastern fair offer: We shall be presenting dermatological cosmetics and different types of skincare cosmetics, skin whitening and blemish removing ones, as well as a wide selection of Sun Care cosmetics, to tone and protect the skin from the sun with strong filters. We shall also show our child care cosmetics – says Beata Jastrzębska, Export Business Development Manager.

The Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics Laboratory has also presented its wide area of activity. Visitors will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with our sales offer – we shall also present our scientific achievements, connected to our research and development centre. We shall also present the Dr Irena Eris luxurious institutes, spas and hotels – says Grzegorz Nieć.

Katarzyna Olędzka, Brand & PR Manager at Verona Products Professional, reveals that: We have prepared many new products especially for the fair – among them make-up cosmetics of the Ingrid brand, tailored to the needs of local consumers.

Monika Skotarek-Hogan, Export Specialist at Ziaja Ltd. adds that: We shall present our complete export offer in Dubai: Ziaja (a brand intended for mass distribution) and Denova Pro (a professional brand). Our exposition will take into account the specific climate conditions and the high popularity of beauty parlours, spas and hotels in the region.

Made in Poland

Producers stress the fact that their products have been created in Poland, and hence they are very willing to exhibit their ware at the Polish National Pavilion promoted by the Polish Ministry of Economy.

Monika Skotarek-Hogan: Our stand is located at the Polish National Pavilion, which allows us to stress the country our cosmetics come from.

Katarzyna Olędzka explains that: Thanks to that, we can show our export clients the strength of Polish brands and of the Polish cosmetics industry. That is important to us, as it helps us to reinforce the position of our cosmetics on the Middle Eastern market.

We cordially invite you to the Polish National Pavilion!

Beauty World Middle East

Dubai, 28th -30th May, 2013,

Hall no. 7 and no. 1