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Polish Cosmetics on the Way to Hong Kong

Monday, 10.11.2014

The middle of November is the traditional time for cosmetics producers to present themselves at their greatest branch event in Asia and the Pacific region – the Cosmoprof Asia fair in Hong Kong. That also concerns Polish producers: there are 30 of them making their way to Hong Kong this year.

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One again, a Polish National Pavilion is going to be put up at the fair, organised at the order of the Polish Ministry of Economy by SPC House of Media. 14 exhibitors will be presenting themselves there.

A strong Polish team

Presenting one’s offer at the National Pavilion has become popular among the Polish exhibitors.

Last year’s exhibitors at the Pavilion have also decided to make use of this form of a team presentation. Olimpia Romanik, Marketing Export Manager at Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory claims that: We believe that the Polish Pavilion as a location enables a better differentiation of the Polish offer and enhances the positive image of cosmetics from Poland. And that is something our company is particularly interested in. Marta Galuś, Export Manager at Biogened company adds that: We judge the location at the Polish National Pavilion in the context of this fair to be particularly positive. The attitude of the Asians to Europeans is very open, hence the Polish origin of the products is an asset. Katarzyna Olędzka, Marketing Manager at Verona Products Professional, in turn comments that: Our experiences have been very positive – our stand last year was visited by clients from a dozen or so countries. We struck up a co-operation with clients from, among others, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and the Philippines, thus strengthening our position in that part of the world. Counting on further effective contacts, we are going to be present at the Pavilion once again this year. .

Exhibitors who are going to participate in the fair for the first time have also mostly decided to exhibit at the National Pavilion: Bielenda and Bandi belong to that group.

Successes in Asia – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea…

Cracovian Bielenda, though as an exhibitor is only making its debut in Hong Kong, can already boast of substantial successes in that part of the world. Our cosmetics are enjoying the growing interest of consumers in Asia. Our products are particularly popular in South Korea and Taiwan. Our brand is a recognised one there. What is liked and appreciated in those countries are our fruit body and face care lines, among which there is a wide offer of creams, peelings and butters. Co-operation with such leading chains as Watsons and Olive Young enables us to reach consumers in Asian countries – says Adrian Winiarz, Export Manager at Bielenda. Dr Irena Eris cosmetics are also present in the biggest chains in Hong Kong. We co-operate, among others, with Watsons – saysOlimpia Romanik and adds that: we are mostly strongly present at the moment on the Hong Kong market, but also in Taiwan and South Korea. We are developing the sales of most of our brands on the Asian markets and in particular, those of Dr Irena Eris, Pharmaceris and Lirene. Floslek cosmetics are present on similar markets: We are selling in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea – says Beata Jastrzębska, Export Director at Floslek Cosmetic Laboratory.

In Hong Kong, one can also come across Phenomé boutiques, a brand of Biogened, a company from Łódź. We are present in Hong Kong in 5 franchise stores. We are planning to multiply the number of our retail outlets in Hong Kong, and also to stretch our franchise offer over China. We are co-operating on a lesser scale with partners in Malaysia and Japan – says Marta Galuś.

The Organique brand, which is going to exhibit in Hong Kong for the first time, is in turn only beginning its adventure on the Asian markets. That is a completely new realm for us. Although we have been supplying cosmetics to Japan on a sporadic basis, but that was connected to a distributor supplying cosmetics to hotels. We have not been supplying stores as such. We are assuming that the fair will offer a good opportunity to make contacts with other distributors in Asia – saysLeszek Majcherczyk, Export Manager at Organique.

Bandi considers its offer, ideally tailored to suit the needs of the Asian Market, as the key to success. We are going to present our C-WHITE cosmetics line with its anti-wrinkle and whitening properties, intended for a complex face, chest and hand care, excellently suited to the trends binding on the Far East markets – saysJonna Draniak-Kicińska, President of Bandi.

IMPA in turn counts on strengthening the relations struck up the year before: Our products drew a lot of interest on the part of distributors, retailers and consumers during last year’s fair, but we did not manage to begin sales in the region. We are expecting that to change this year – adds Magdalena Sierocka, Marketing Assistant.

Even Greater Ambitions

Naturally, the aspirations of Polish producers, despite their first successes, go much further. The possibilities in the regions of Southern and Eastern Asia, inhabited by over 3.5 milliard people, seem to be without limit. Producers count mainly on entering the Chinese market – on account of the legal conditions, though, that is a long lasting process and one that requires finding a reliable distributor. Participation in the Cosmoprof Fair is certainly a step in the right direction in order to reach that end.

The participation of the Polish producers in the Cosmoprof Asia fair is organised as part of the Branch Programme for the Promotion of the Polish Cosmetics Industry, run by SPC House of Media at the order of the Ministry of Industry. More information: www.polishcosmetics.pl