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Polish cosmetics producers will exhibit their novelties in Bologna

Friday, 28.03.2014

The Cosmoprof cosmetics fair in Bologna is only a week away, beginning on the 4th of April. That most important international cosmetics trade fair will define the world trends for all of the coming year. New beauty products are going to be launched there also by Polish producers, of whom over a hundred are going to be present in Bologna.


The Polish cosmetics branch can boast of great creativity and innovativeness. The producers participating in the Branch Promotion Programme have decided to bring out those very traits of their branch of industry right there, in Bologna, by undertaking additional efforts to promote the launch  of their novelty products at the fair.

The Polish National Pavilion, located in Hall 29, will house Poland’s Novelties Showroom & Café, with the Showroom as its important element – a showcase wall exhibiting the most interesting upcoming novelties of the Polish producers. There will also be an information and promotion point at the café, where fair visitors will be able to obtain the answers to any queries concerning the Polish cosmetics branch, have coffee and look through the catalogue of the Polish novelties.  On the second day of the fair, the 5th of April, at 10.00 am, at the Service Centre located in the central point of the fair, Poland’s Novelties Show will be held – an attractive, multi-media presentation of the new beauty products and cosmetics companies, accompanied by live music and other attractions


Advanced research before the rollout

Before an exciting new beauty product is launched, a lot of time has to pass, devoted to advanced research and testing. There would not be any of the newest proposals of the Polish producers without the prior long hours spent by scientists in laboratories and research and development centres

Wiktoria Brzozowska, Export Director at Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories, stresses that research and development are the key elements on which the company bases its activity: – Research and development are at the core of the company’s operations. We are the only beauty company in Poland to have its own scientific centre, conducting elaborate research. The Dr Irena Eris Scientific Research Centre comprises modern laboratories, excellent scientists and an extremely high level of advanced, multi-field studies and experiments, based on unique research methods. The studies are overlooked by specialists representing diverse branches such as pharmacy, biology, molecular biology, chemistry, dermatology, alergology and aesthetic medicine. The research results are presented at international conferences and published in scientific journals, also the most prestigious ones on the so-called Philadelphia list.

Jagna Dyżakowska, Senior PR Manager at Dax Cosmetics, also underlines the importance of scientific backup facilities for the development of the company. – The strength of Dax Cosmetics is in its laboratories: research and development, microbiological, physical and chemical ones, coupled with an experienced research team concentrated on preparing new recipes.

There would have been no new revolutionary series of cream treatments for allergy-prone and sensitive skin such as: AA CollagenHial +, Mezzolaser and Revita Intensa, whose purpose is to set back the aesthetic age of the skin, if it had not been for the research conducted by the Oceanic company. –  The Oceanic Scientific Research Laboratory is one of the most modern centres of that kind in Poland. We always conduct our research in close co-operation with scientists and dermatologists, alergologists and gynaecologists – says Marek Chotkowski, Export Manager at Oceanic S.A.

Marta Morawska, Director of Phenomé, draws attention to the fact that the technological advancement of cosmetics guarantees their quality and safety. – At Phenomé, we make use of modern technologies and an excellent know-how backdrop: our own laboratory at a research and development institute. Our natural cosmetics, meeting the high expectations of our clients, are on the one hand safe, as they have been produced from organic raw materials without the use of harmful/noxious chemicals, and on the other – effective, as they make use of the newest knowledge and current achievements in the realm of medicine and cosmetology.

Research facilities serve Polish companies not only to prepare cosmetic formulas, but also to construct machinery and apparatus used in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. Jarosław Alot, Prof. Cosmetica CEO and owner of the Chantarelle brand stresses that: – the company combines the latest world technologies, specialist scientific knowledge and novel solutions in aesthetic medicine to construe laser equipment, professional formulas for the most serious facial and body skin problems and in complex beauty treatments.  

A wide offer of launched products


The Cosmoprof fair is an excellent occasion to show to the world the effects of all that long-time effort. The achievements are often unique, as in the case of the Bowil Biotech company: – Bowil Biotech is the first biotechnological company in Europe which, in accordance with its unique patents, has produced an innovative material – bionanocellulosis – stresses Dariusz Bobiński, Bowil Biotech CEO  – It is on the basis of that ultra pure BNC biopolymer and its exceptional properties that we have created a brand of intelligent cosmetics called CelMat® in the form of active derma-cosmetic masks and pads. 

A substantial part of the Polish producers are going to present skin treatment cosmetics, combining technology with natural, often sophisticated ingredients. That group is, among others, represented by the Celebrity Collection line, containing gold and diamonds and addressed to mature and very mature skin: – Advanced and exceptionally effective anti-age formulas combine the force of exclusive precious stones with the richness of sublime active ingredients, such as: the microsphere of hialuronic acid, 24 carat gold and diamonds, caviar and truffles, collagen and pearls – describes Adrian Winiarz, Export Manager at Bielenda.

Lidia Ziaja, Export Manager at Ziaja Ltd. also draws attention to the novelties prepared by the company: – Along with our flagship products, we are also presenting cosmetics we have introduced into our offer in the last six months, such as the saffron series for 60+ skin care, the Ziaja Sensitive Skin series and a series of oriental hand creams and cream shower gels.

Apart from the attractive offer of skin care cosmetics, there will be no lack of Polish proposals in the area of hair cosmetics. Beliso company is going to present the Cece MED Prevent Hair Loss line, created for people who are struggling with the problem of excessive hair loss. Thanks to a complex action on three levels: the whole individual hair, the skin on the head and the hair follicle, the treatment is very effective in preventing and combating hair loss – says Łukasz Barbacki, the Export Director.

Polish cosmetics are of course not limited to mere care products – the exhibitors are also going to surprise the fair guests with their make-up products. Gabriel Skóra, Export Manager at Euphora, presents the Opal series of shadows by Paese: It is characteristic for semi-transparent matt shadows that when they are applied onto dry skin they give the eye-lid a light, matt colour, which can be built up and intensified as one wishes. When the shadows are applied onto wet skin, in turn, a much stronger colour effect is obtained together with an interesting, satin finishing.

The Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories have not only prepared new products for the fair in Bologna, but also their debut in a new category: – Bologna will be host to the international rollout of the Provoke line by Dr Irena Eris. The Premium mark, till now well-known for its facial and body care products of the highest quality, will thus enter a new category – that of make-up cosmetics – says Olimpia Romanik, the company Export Marketing Manager.

Make-up producer Pierre Rene, in turn, wishes to highlight his offer for professionals at the Bologna fair. – We are at present introducing new products for professionals, characterised first and foremost by being long-lasting and guaranteeing a perfect effect. Our company is going to launch its Kohl Kajal Professional and Palette Match System Pierre Rene Professional at the Bologna fair, magnetic make-up palettes enabling an individual choice of shadows by each client  – says Agnieszka de Lubicz Szeliska, Product & Marketing Director at Pierre Rene.

Katarzyna Olędzka, Marketing Manager at Verona Products Professional, a company specialising among others in make-up cosmetics, stresses the complex character of the company’s offer: – Pat this year’s edition of the fair, we are going to concentrate on presenting the new edition of our three colour cosmetics brands: Ingrid, Vollare and Butterfly. The brands have been present in our offer for several years now. At present, after a serious rebranding, they consist of a complete product offer, to be accessed by women of literally every age.

The young company called Phenicoptere will present its hit in the area of cosmetic accessories, namely a special glove. The company CEO, Monika Żochowska stresses that – Glov is an absolutely new solution with regards to make-up removal, allowing the removal of make-up solely with the help of water. It is re-usable and answers the growing needs of people with an allergic skin.

The polish offer will also not be lacking in men’s cosmetics. – As an answer to the needs in the area of men’s complex care, we are planning to promote our Bond Expert cosmetics from the Sensitive series. The product formula has been created on the basis of sea minerals, chiefly with sensitive skin in mind – declares Konrad Wojciechowski, Account Director at PharmaCF.

New products – new clients    

Polish cosmetic companies are impatiently awaiting the opportunity to present their new products and technologies. For some it will be a debut at the Cosmoprof fair. – We are taking part in the Cosmoprof fair for the first time. We wish our presence to be remembered, therefore apart from presenting our cosmetics, we shall be offering specially for our guests two of our beauty treatments free of charge: the brine inhalations, „Satin Hands” and „The Touch of Nature” – says Edyta Jamrozik, Sales Manager at the Rabka Spa Resort.

Most of the Polish exhibitors have nevertheless been participating in the Cosmoprof fair for many years. They have been coming back as their products have always enjoyed great interest, which is certified by the presence of polish brands at international markets.

Products signed by the logo of Verona Products Professional are accessible in over 60 countries in the world, at key distributors and in important retail chains. The list keeps getting longer – says Katarzyna Olędzka.

Engin Egemen, Export Development Director at Eveline Cosmetics declares that the company’s cosmetics are present in over 70 countries in the world. The company has a strong position also in Europe: we operate in most Central European countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) and Eastern European ones (Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan). Our cosmetics are extremely popular among the Balkan countries, particularly in Bulgaria, but also in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As far as Western Europe goes, we have been developing our sales very dynamically among others in Spain. We are present on the European market at big retailers such as Rossmann, DM, Watsons, Muller, Lilly.  

Jagna Dyżakowska notices that Dax cosmetics are commonly accessible at retailer chains in Poland, with the number of export markets growing year by year: – Dax products can also be found in 30 countries in the world, and in Europe in such countries, among others, like Great Britain, Spain or Portugal.

Among the powerful Polish exporters there is also no shortage of producers offering private label services. Ewa Sabaj, Export Manager at BluxCosmetics claims that the products from the Naturaphy cosmetics line are being sold on almost all of the EU markets, also under the clients’ own brand names. Norbert Wsół, Export Director, adds that: – We are planning to particularly promote our new line of Naturaphy 650 ml liquid soaps with a pump during the fair. Our new range of products is characterised by a very good relation of the volume to the price, hence we are counting on raising the interest of our existing clients, as well as on canvassing new ones.

The growth of the Polish companies’ cosmetics exports is being reinforced by the support from the Polish Ministry of Economy in the framework of its Branch Programme for the Promotion of the Polish Cosmetics Industry, conducted in the years 2012-2015. The Polish companies not only receive grants for their pro-export activities but also the support of the Programme organiser, the SPC House of Media company which is responsible for the organisation of the Polish Pavilion at different international fairs and the PR and marketing operations of the cosmetics branch. It is also the author and manager of the promotion activities concentrated on launching new Polish products – Poland’s novelties – during this year’s Cosmoprof fair.