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The Launch of the Polish Cosmetics Industry Promotion

Tuesday, 24.04.2012

The Polish cosmetics industry will have an opportunity to present itself on foreign markets. Its promotion programme is just about to be launched. The cosmetics industry has been chosen by the Polish Ministry of Economy as one of 15 flagship branches of industry promoting the Polish economy on international markets.

The Promotion Programme is going to last 3 years and will be carried out in: Poland, Italy, Germany, the Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, China and Brazil.

The programme will enable the Polish National Pavilion to appear at the most important world cosmetics fairs. Polish companies are also planned to go on numerous foreign trade missions. Hosting foreign contractors and journalists in Poland, as well as an international advertising campaign for the branch is also being planned.

The programme will be inaugurated at an international conference in Warsaw on 14th September, 2012, held during the Polish Cosmetics Fair and combined with several accompanying events. Registration for the conference and the events is open and available on the programme’s website: www.polishcosmetics.pl.  

The programme is managed by SPC House of Media, a media agency with a vast experience in B2B campaigning and fair business: www.spchouseofmedia.com.

It is co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Economy and the European Union.

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