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The Polish cosmetics industry has made a dashing appearance at the world’s most important beauty fair

Wednesday, 09.04.2014

The Cosmoprof fair in Bologna – the most important exhibition event for the cosmetics industry in the world – came to an end yesterday.  It lasted from the 4th to the 7th of April, 2014. The Polish cosmetics industry presented its offer at the fair very noticeably and in great style.

Over a hundred Polish companies took part in the fair this year. Almost half of them displayed their offer in the national pavilion hall,  creating a large, conspicuous representation of Poland.

Such a grouping of the Polish stands in one place is an excellent way to show the strength of our branch. We stood out favourably from the background of the neighbouring pavilions – the French and German ones – claimed  Marek Chotkowski, Export Manager  at Oceanic SA.

Beata Jastrzębska, Export Business Development Manager at Floslek Cosmetics Laboratory added that: This year, we moved our stand from the theme hall to the National Pavilion. That has been a hit in the bull’s-eye. The Pavilion, large, aesthetic and modern, has been catching  attention and drawing many important clients from all over the world to the Polish stands. We have spoken to commercial chains from the US, Lithuania and even Poland, to distributors from different regions of Russia, Latvia, Canada, the United Arabic Emirates and Iraq.

On the second day of the fair, the Polish producers presented their products at a multi-media show with live music, organised in a prestigious, central place of the fair, the so-called International Forum, inaugurating at the same time the presentations of the different countries. About a 100 people watched the show – business people, journalists and the representatives of branch organisations from all over the world (the latter were invited by the Polish Cosmetics Industry Union). 

The show consisted of a survey of the newly launched products, prepared by the Polish producers especially for Cosmoprof. The products could also be viewed throughout the fair in a special showroom, situated at the Polish cafe in the centre of the Polish National Pavilion, where a printed catalogue of the products was also being distributed. At the cafe, free coffee was served and one could obtain more information about the Polish cosmetics branch and the exhibitors from Poland.

The Cosmoprof fair is a place where trends in cosmetics are dictated for all of the coming year. Hence, the new products being launched were shown in the showroom and opulently displayed on the stands of the Polish companies.
Cosmoprof is not only an excellent platform for business meetings, but it  also offers the best source of inspiration for the following season. Colour cosmetics undoubtedly remain to be the most dynamic category, and we shall include all the observed trends in our three brands  – Ingrid, Vollare and Butterfly. We have contained a complete product offer under those three brands, having thoroughly rebranded them first. We have extremely successfully presented their new range on our stand not only by displaying the new products and cosmetic showcases, but also by conducting a professional visage presentation – said Katarzyna Olędzka, Marketing Manager at Verona Products Professional.

Olimpia Romanik, Marketing Export Manager at Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics Laboratory added that: We are very satisfied with what we have managed to achieve during this year’s Cosmoprof.  Our stand was distinguishable on account of the multi-media technologies we employed and its interesting graphic design, allowing for a consistent and clear presentation of the vision of a holistic approach to beauty by Dr Irena Eris. As we expected, the launching of our new products raised great interest, particularly the addition of the Provoke colour cosmetics line to the Dr Irena Eris Premium brand.  That confirms the potential contained in the development of selective products and the growing trust our cosmetics enjoy among demanding clients. In line with our company philosophy, we have been attempting to set new trends in the development of new products and the ways of marketing those brands by ourselves. Our main aims have undoubtedly been attained, we have conducted a series of planned meetings and have made promising new business contacts.
Marek Chotkowski also confirms the clients’ interest in the advanced products from Poland: Clients were interested in dermocosmetic lines, particularly in the Oillan line, in selective cosmetics from the Prestige series and in novelties in the facial care segment. We have gained many new contacts in Arabic countries, in Asia, America and of course Europe. Looking at the number of the contacts and the quality of the meetings conducted, we are looking forward to  the next awaiting us fair in Dubai with great optimism..

The fair turned out to be a success also for the companies that are making a debut on the beauty market and are just embarking on their adventure with exports.
We are very satisfied with our debut at the fair. We have displayed our new product, only just being introduced onto the market: bionanocellulose, for whose production our company holds the licence. It is a product that is completely natural, hipoallergic, has soothing effects, is an excellent aid in all sorts of burns: sunburns or those following laser interventions. It also has strong moisturising, revitalising and refreshing properties. We are addressing it to professional clients, to aesthetic medicine clinics and SPAs. We have managed to find such clients from all over the world at the fair. We have also noted great interest on the part of Asian countries, as well as big cosmetics concerns – said Anna Łuba, Chief Production Engineer at  Bowil Biotech.

Edyta Jamrozik, Sales Manager at the Rabka Spa Resort, which was also making its debut at the fair, is equally optimistic: We decided to participate in Cosmoprof in order to make our clients realise that the Rabka spa resort does not offer solely spa treatments. The Rabka salt brine, rich in minerals, is also an excellent base for skin care cosmetics. The world is turning its trends over to natural products and that is where we believe our opportunity lies. We can confidently declare already today that the fair has been an inspiration for future undertakings and that we are looking forward to taking part in it again.

The Polish cosmetics industry drew the general attention of the visitors to this year’s fair. Armando Campagnoli, the President of the Bologna fair,  stressed that when visiting the Polish stands during the inauguration ceremony. Michał Górski, director of Trade and Investment Promotion Department at the Polish Embassy in Rome, present at the fair, added that: We have been observing the growing importance of our cosmetic companies at such an important commercial event as the international Cosmoprof fair with great satisfaction.

Clients’ interest was translated into media interest. Corriere Della Sera, the  Italian daily with the greatest circulation in that country, devoted a full-page article to the Polish cosmetics industry, titled „Polonia – e’ rinata una stella della cosmetica” („Poland – the Renaissance of a Cosmetics Star”) in its April 4th  number.

The Polish national Pavilion and the PR events accompanying it have been organised as part of the Branch Promotion Programme, ordered by the Polish Ministry of Economy and carried out by SPC House of Media. There are several dozen Polish companies taking part in it, ranging from the most well-known ones to such that are only taking their first steps in the trade. Apart from the Pavilion, SPC House of Media has also been organizing PR activities for the companies representing that branch, trade missions, trainings and the visits of journalists and trade partners to Poland.
The work of SPC House of Media is supported by Trade and Investments Department at the Polish Embassies all over the world. The Trade and Investment Promotion Department at the Polish Embassy in Rome was very strongly and effectively involved in the Cosmoprof fair.

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