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Podsumowanie misji gospodarczej do Brazylii

wtorek, 07.10.2014

15 polskich producentów kosmetyków brało udział w misji gospodarczej do Brazylii w dniach 6 – 9 września 2014.

Jednym z głównych wydarzeń misji była zorganizowana 8 września 2014 konferencja match-makingowa, podczas której polscy producenci mieli okazję spotkać brazylijskich kupców oraz dystrybutorów zainteresowanych współpracą z polskimi przedsiębiorcami.
Spotkali się także z przedstawicielami Brazylijskiego Stowarzyszenia Branży Kosmetyków, Wyrobów Toaletowych i Perfum (ABIHPEC), którzy przygotowali prezentację na temat specyfiki lokalnego rynku.

Polscy producenci mieli także okazję zwiedzić Międzynarodowe Targi Kosmetyczne Beauty Fair, co pozwoliło im zapoznać się z ofertą dostępną w Brazylii. Podczas 4 dni targów odbyli także wiele spotkań. Na polskim stoisku informacyjnym, organizowanym przez Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, zaprezentowali swoje produkty. Dystrybuowany był też tam katalog firm – uczestników misji. 

Uczestnicy misji gospodarczej odwiedzili też lokalne drogerie oraz apteki (tzw. store check), aby sprawdzić, jakie produkty i w jakich cenach są tam dostępne. 

Wydarzenia zostały zorganizowane przez wykonawcę Branżowego Programu Promocji, SPC House of Media, we współpracy z WPHI Sao Paulo, Międzynarodowymi Targami Poznańskimi, Brazylijskim Stowarzyszeniem Branży Kosmetyków, Wyrobów Toaletowych i Perfum (ABIHPEC) oraz World Trade Center Sao Paulo Business Club.

Katalog polskich wystawców


Lista uczestników:

Alba Thyment Ltd
Alba Thyment Ltd is a family company established in Poznan, Poland in 1913. We manufacture and sell cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Since our inception we are known for our flagship product, the original Carmelite Essence, Argol® Essenza Balsamica. “Healthy is Beautiful” is not just a company tagline, but it is a reflection of our business philosophy. Our carefully crafted natural products received many awards and recognitions.

Bandi Cosmetics Ltd.
Bandi Cosmetics is a Polish manufacturer of professional cosmetics. Bandi is designed for beauty parlours and spas. The company was established in 1986 and now offers a few dozen professional products and a complete range of retail face and body care cosmetics. Bandi portfolio contains cosmetics for every type of skin.

The BELL company is a leader and recognized producer and distributor of colour cosmetics. We are proud of our products, which meet the highest global standards. Our products are successfully sold on the markets of numerous countries, both in Central – Eastern Europe as well as in Western Europe.

Bielenda Natural Cosmetics
Since 1990 we have been implementing high technology to manufacture products based on carefully selected natural ingredients. Every client can find a product suitable for their skin. Unique approach to beauty care has contributed to the Company’s solid market position in Poland. Moreover, Bielenda is firmly determined to mark its presence on the international markets as well.

BluxCosmetics Ltd
BluxCosmetics Ltd. has been a growing producer of cosmetics, cosmetic toiletry and car care products since 1992. We are based in Trzciana near Rzeszów. Our products are sold under the following brands: Naturaphy, Blux, AutoLider and under the distributors’ own labels. Some of our clients are: Auchan, Carrefour, E. Leclerc, Rossmann. Our product range comprises more than 150 positions and we export over 70% of our products to 20 countries.

CHANTARELLE Laboratory Derm Aesthetics
New dermo-aesthetic solutions for beauty salon and home care – over 220 professional skin care products, 90 home care preparations and laser equipment in top new technology – PHOTO-DYNAMIQ® Laser R/IR/UV in Synergy with Magnetic Field, THERMO-SPHERIX® M-RF Thermo Laser with Rotation Magnetic Field®. Our range of products includes formulas for every skin problem include anti-ageing and problematic skin treatments, acid peels, no-needle mesotherapy serums.

Clarena is a cosmetic company which has been present on the Polish market for 16 years. Our offer includes a wide choice of innovative, high-quality professional cosmetics for beauty parlours and spas, retail cosmetics and skin care equipment. Being a leader on the Polish market, we successfully gain appreciation abroad. We have also been honored with many branch rewards.

CM Michel Laboratory
The SM Michel Company specializes in development and industrial output of wide spectrum of decorative cosmetic products, skin and hair care products, cosmetic products, washing foams, professional beauty products and SPA cosmetics, solarium sun tanning products and perfumery. The company owns two plants in Moscow region and Poland. The Russian plant has got their own capacity for producing of laminate and extrusion tubes with making of 6-color printing on them. Besides, there are several high capacity machines for producing of single and twin pouches both for powder and liquid products.

Floslek Cosmetic Laboratory
Floslek Cosmetic Laboratory – producer of cosmetics for complete face and body care and protection. Our brands: Floslek Pharma – dermocosmetics created for problematic skin and Floslek Laboratory – cosmetics for women, men and children. Our cosmetics are created in the modern R&D laboratory and are based on innovatory formulas and natural active ingredients, characterized with high effectiveness and safety of use.

Mollon Cosmetics
Mollon Pro offers high quality nail polishes and products for professional manicure and pedicure. Our assets are French quality and style, innovation, effectiveness and, as a result, consumer satisfaction. All Mollon PRO products are designed for professional beauty parlours as well as for the continuation of nail styling and care.

Paese Cosmetics (Euphora)
Euphora is a producer of Paese- brand of make-up cosmetics.
Paese offers a full range of high quality beauty cosmetics with a wide colour palette, innovative formulas and attractive packaging.
We keep growing not only in Poland but also in other countries. We are distributing to countries like Dubai, The UK, Ukraine, Ireland, Spain, Iran, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Finland and others.

Pierre Rene
Pierre Rene’s colourful cosmetics guarantee their clients a wide product range and a quality to meet every woman’s expectations. An abundance of choice, our use of cutting-edge technology and our consumer-friendly prices are all strengths which have helped the company maintain its position as a market leader for many years now.

Our Export department is based at our main factory in Warsaw Poland just 5 minutes from the International Airport and 4 hours from the international shipping port of Gdynia and Gdansk.
Our team is made up of Export specialist who are experienced in logistics, country documentation, product management & project management. We are a multinational department with native speakers of English, Russian and Polish in addition we speak Spanish, German. With the launch of our new product ranges we have seen rapid growth in our existing Export markets and also with many new markets opened already this year.

Torf Corporation
Torf Corporation- Factory of Medicines Ltd. was established in 1989 in Wrocław. In 23 years, it has gained customers’ appreciation and loyalty on the Polish market. It is valued mostly for the high quality of TOŁPA branded products and for its continued long-term research related to a unique peat extract, initiated by the renowned Polish scientist Professor Stanisław Tołpa. The company has also been actively developing private labelling since 1999.

Ziaja Ltd
Ziaja Ltd is a family-owned company founded in 1989 by pharmacists Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja. Our offer includes over 900 products for face, body, hair and intimate hygiene care. Today, the company is one of the biggest beauty care manufacturers in Poland with 42 million items of products sold in 2011 and a 25% volume market share in the face cream sector.