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Stapiz - professional hair cosmetics

Stapiz is a producer of professional hair cosmetics since 2001. Products are catalogued in cosmetics lines containing hi-quality ingredients such as: argan oil, silk proteins, hialuronic acid, sea algaes extract and variety of others.

Stapiz products are avaliable in professional hair cosmetics markets in 10 European countries. We are looking for bussiness opportunities in every EU country right now. Perfect partner should have growing beauty supplies possibilities. Stapiz can offer exclusive right to sell in each country and huge starting marketing feedback.

Szczęśliwa 34
05-074 Długa Kościelna
Province: mazowieckie

Phone:+48 664 930 642
Web page: http://stapiz.com

Export department:
Mateusz Gadaj
Area Manager
+48 664 930 642

Offered services / products:

  • Production
  • Confection
  • Research

Cosmetics production:

  • Private label - contract production
  • Own brands

Types of cosmetics manufactured:

  • Hair


  • Colors

White cosmetics:

  • shampoos
  • hair conditioners


  • Plastic
  • Glass

Colorful cosmetics:

  • foams, varnishes, gels, rubbers, waxes, brilliantins

Additional characteristics:

  • Popular, intended for wide distribution
  • Professional