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Barwa sp.z o.o. company is a Polish manufacturer of cosmetics and cleaning products with a seventy-year history. The key products in the brand’s portfolio are natural plant-based soaps, hypoallergenic cosmetics and popular, effective cleaning products. The company trusts in cosmetic traditions and recipes known for generations, while constantly improving its product portfolio by listening to the Customer needs.

Almost 75 years of experience, active ingredients of natural origin in dermatological concentrations and highest standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing are all combined in „Ziololek” products. We are a trusted supplier of dermocosmetics, dietary supplements, medical products and OTC drugs. Our R&D departament is co-operating with reputed research centres, which results in innovative products and manufacturing methods (including original patents).

AFFECT Cosmetics is a Polish professional make-up brand that was created to support women’s desire for having the best quality make-up products by filling the gap between the luxurious colour cosmetics and mass-market products.
AFFECT is a fusion of contrasts: high quality cosmetics with affordable price, experience of respected makeup masters with boldness and enthusiasm of passionates, intense and extravagant make-ups with natural beauty.

APN Cosmetics is a company which bases its operations upon over dozen years of experience in the field of cosmetics and the assistance of a specialized, high-tech research and development laboratory which employs highly specialized experts in the field.

Arkana offers neurocosmetics – future of effective skin care. Our innovative approach bases on neurotransmitters as the highest level of cosmetology. This neuro-philosophy guarantees unique and effective treatments on the beauty market.

Arkana’s wide range of products makes that our offer is suitable to all types and needs of skin, age and skin problems. Of the more than 200 products based on over 90 original cosmetic formulas, everyone will find a product that meets his expectations.

Arkana promotes sustainable development and a responsible approach to the production of cosmetics with care for the good of the environment and the global ecosystem.

Best-Life Biotechnology is a company which manufactures a professional line of collagen cosmetics based on natural collagen made of top quality ecological material skins of freshwater and saltwater fish.Collagen is a reliable product that perfectly fulfils the role of the so-called “first aid kit” in antiaging processes of the body. Not only does it replenish the inborn collagen with “external” deliveries above all, it stimulates cells to produce their own collagen.

CATZY OF POLAND, a producer of high quality hair cosmetics, has been present on the Polish market since 1983. Our products are available on the pharmaceutical market as well as professional hairdressing market. We produce hair care cosmetics (shampoo, conditioners, masks), styling products (hairsprays, glossy sprays, oils, fluids, gels, creams) and perm lotions.

Celther Polska’s mission from the beginning was to fight for the health of our clients based on the latest scientific achievements. It is an innovative, dynamically developing biotechnology company with qualified scientific staff, highly specialized laboratories and a modern factory. We concentrate our activities on three areas: research&development, medical devices and cosmetics. Thanks to the interdisciplinary approach, Celther Polska is perceived as one of the most modern in our country.

COLORIS is an ODM type company creating and manufacturing cosmetics for third parties since 2003. Our main specializations are lip balms, eye and nail care products, hair removal products. We use our own formulations. We sell stock formulas products or customize them according to client’s specification. We offer: specialisation, experience, product creativity, price competitiveness, high and consi

DAKOMA Ltd. is a Polish expert in care of all kinds of footwear, furniture and leather accessories. We manufacture high quality foot and leather care cosmetics, medical and prophylactic products, as well as all kinds of accessories. We are present in the largest shoe retail chains in Poland and nearly 30 countries worldwide. Our expert brand Coccine is dedicated to those who truly love shoes.

dottore cosmeceutici is the first Polish brand of cosmeceutics originating from esthetic medicine. Thanks to the knowledge and many years of experience, we have created uncompromising product formulas. They were developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists. After analyzing the thousands of brands offered, it offers high-quality professional and care products for active products.
The confirmation of the quality and popularity of dottore cosmeceutici comes from 16 prestigious prizes.

Inventia Polish Technologies Sp. z o.o. was established in 2003. The first product produced by the company was original Kolagen Naturalny Inventia® followed by other unique native natural collagen-based cosmetics.

The Isle Of Men brand was created to meet the demand for the highest quality men’s cosmetics. Our the most important target is to create products that customers will be happy to come back for. We are a group of enthusiasts and we follow the principle of creating products that we would like to use ourselves. We focused on the three most important aspects :

1. Quality (no compromise)

2. Utility

3. Original fragrance

A unique and modern outlook on perfumes, combined with long-term experience at the scent market has helped us build a company with a consistent and stable strategy. Using only verified top-shelf components, relying on constant development, modern technologies and creative solutions allow us to remain in the lead of manufacturers of best perfumes.

As a KADORNA – HOUSE OF BRANDS – we offer fulfilling all your PRIVATE LABEL needs.
We operate in cosmetics and household market. Our Company specialize in organic, eco and vegan products, but our offer includes a full range of cosmetics and house cleaning products.
We cooperate with the best laboratories, technologists, vendors, branding specialists
and designers.

Our company has existed since 2007. More than 10 years ago we established well known brand on Polish market and started to expand throught Europe with our young and dynamic team.

Norel Dr Wilsz was established in 1961 and is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in Poland and Central Europe. Company is focused on the professional market. Norel products are sold to beauty salons and spa in Poland and 10 other European countries.

Norel has 300 products, including 200 products for face and body treatments. Products are designed to perform over 20 face and 20 body treatments.