Cosmetics manufacturers


Synesis is the first Polish boutique brand which creates its own formulas. Our priority is for our cosmetics to be effective and we achieve that using a large quantity of active components. Our formulas conform with the physiology and natural needs of the skin. We normally make our cosmetics in two versions: BIO or pharmaceutical.

We are also a perfume designer. We were the first company in Poland to create a scent in cooperation with a TV star - Mr Maciej Szczęsny.

“When I was establishing Synesis, like every woman, I cared about the effectiveness of the cosmetics”, recalls Anna Garbaczewska. “Not about other aspects, the colour or an appealing design but about the way they act. Hence I decided Synesis would forever by the synonym of a decency and solidity for every woman. I made up my mind to use only the most effective components and to keep searching for new raw products and natural resources, to test them, experiment and understand the symbiosis of many components working together in one product. Further, to keep penetrating all the accessible markets and plantations for the most interesting and heretofore undiscovered ingredients. I have stuck to this philosophy every day till the present day. By combining all the components, I have been showing the number of the effective active components in the very name of every Synesis product. That is how every woman can see how many various ingredients are acting together for her benefit.”


Wiktorska 65, 02-587 Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie

Export department

Anna Garbaczewska
Position:  CEO

Offered services/products:
  • Production
Cosmetics production:
  • Own brands
Types of cosmetics manufactured:
  • Face
  • Body
  • Glass
  • White (caring)
  • Scented
White cosmetics:
  • creams, lotions, mousses
  • masks
  • skin peeling
  • milk
Fragrance cosmetics:
  • perfume
  • perfumed waters, toilet waters
  • cologne
Additional characteristics:
  • Luxurious
  • Professional
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