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dottore cosmeceutici

dottore cosmeceutici is the first Polish brand of cosmeceuticals derived from aesthetic medicine.

Created in 2013, it successfully develops the cosmetic market and cooperates with many beauty salons, aesthetic medicine clinics in Poland and Europe. All production takes place in Poland, based on unique formulas and carefully selected active ingredients and raw materials from around the world.

What sets us apart:
- proprietary formulas, 
- Research-documented performance of active ingredients, 
- strict control of production conditions under the supervision of masters of pharmacy and doctors and cosmetologists,
- comprehensive therapies consisting of professional treatments and dedicated home care products. 

Dottore cosmeceutici products are designed for discerning customers for whom caring for appearance is natural and necessary.

When creating each formula, the highest quality, predictable performance and high tolerance of the products are a priority. The products provide an uncompromising solution for those looking for completely non-invasive, yet effective ways to address the passing of time and their skin's problems. Dottore cosmeceutici is not only about skin care, but above all about the therapeutic properties of the products complementing therapeutic treatments. 

Our product portfolio includes 8 treatment lines, 30 complementary home care products that address the real needs of problematic skins.

Dottore treatments:
- anti-aging firming lifting treatment using modern peptide technology, 
- strengthening treatment for vascular and rosacea skin with adaptogens 
- antioxidant treatment with astaxanthin and ferulic acid using nanotechnology  
- and others. 

Mission: medicine for beauty - providing skin care products of the highest quality and highest effectiveness.

Vision: to become a leading and recognizable in the market of professional cosmetics Polish manufacturer of cosmeceuticals with unique compositions, implementing the policy of fulfilled promises.

Values: respect, truth, responsibility.

Contact us

Are you looking for a company with top quality products? Do you value cooperation and mutual commitment? Contact us and find out how you can grow your business with the dottore cosmeceutici brand.


Margonińska 22, 60-425 Poznań, woj. wielkopolskie
Phone:  +48 618956200

Export department

Phone:  +48 730540440

Offered services/products:
  • Production
Cosmetics production:
  • Private label – contract production
Types of cosmetics manufactured:
  • Face
  • Plastic
  • White (caring)
White cosmetics:
  • creams, lotions, mousses
Additional characteristics:
  • Pharmaceutical, specialist
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