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Hagi Sp. z o.o.

Hagi is a recognized brand of natural cosmetics on the Polish market.

The company is run by a mother - chemist/cosmetologist along with her two daughters. Most of our products are manufactured by hand, using traditional methods and conform with the requirements of natural and organic cosmetic certification companies. They accommodate the needs of mature, allergic and dry skin as well as the delicate skin of babies. Our range of products includes soaps, bath salts and powders, body balms, face creams, body oils and pomades, and soy wax scented candles. Our offer consists of natural cosmetics created with passion, experience and expertise.

Our mission

H – harmony [We realize the importance of preserving the balance between professional and private life as well as focusing on oneself and one’s needs. We recommend holistic approach towards oneself in which taking care of body is equally important as spiritual and intellectual development.]

A - affirmation [At Hagi we love what’s natural. We love life in all its variations. We respect the small and big ones, those from the North and those from the South. We like one another and ourselves.]

G – green [We are all about green environment and respect for nature. Hagi is constantly inspired and amazed by the beauty of plants.]

I – inspiration [Our primary inspiration comes from human beings and their care needs. We create products which support natural processes regulating skin’s well-being. We help the skin in a natural way.]

We use

  • natural certified raw materials
  • oil plant extracts
  • certified active substances

We do not use

  • parabens
  • silicones
  • mineral oils
  • paraffin
  • synthetic colours

What makes us unique?

  • We are a Polish family company that combines love of nature with many years of experience and knowledge of chemistry.
  • We support Polish producers of raw materials by using e.g. oils from local manufacturers.
  • We manufacture a wide range of products for vegans, vegetarians, people with allergies and children.
  • We use our own, unique formulas and have our own production facility, which gives us full control over the quality of our products.
  • We keep developing quickly and expand our product range all the time.
  • We make sure that the designs are beautiful and visually appealing. (Must Have 2017 award for packaging, EuropeanDesign Awards 2018 for Hagi Baby packaging).

Kijowska 5, 03-738 Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie

Export department

Kasia Jaśkiewicz
Position:  Export Manager
Phone:  +48 501 017 945

Offered services/products:
  • Production
Types of cosmetics manufactured:
  • Face
  • Body
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • White (caring)
  • Scented
  • Other
White cosmetics:
  • creams, lotions, mousses
  • skin peeling
  • protective lipsticks
  • milk
Additional characteristics:
  • Popular, intended for wide distribution
  • Luxurious
  • Professional
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