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Yasumi is a company established and operating in Poland since 2005.

We work with the best cosmetic laboratories in France, Spain and Canada to develop recipes for modern and effective, premium quality cosmetics for face, body, massage and spa treatments.

We have a complete line of products allowing us to fulfill any professional demand, and a line of cosmetics for personal care.

Each year we enrich our offer with new products.

Wrocławska 183
62-800 Kalisz
Province: wielkopolskie

Phone:+48 62 501 38 73
Web page: https://yasumi.pl

Export department:
Jacek Kieszkowski
Export Manager

Offered services / products:

  • Production

Cosmetics production:

  • Own brands

Types of cosmetics manufactured:

  • Face
  • Body

White cosmetics:

  • creams, lotions, mousses
  • masks
  • bath powders and lotions
  • skin peeling
  • liquid soaps
  • washing gels
  • milk
  • tonic


  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Hotel

Additional characteristics:

  • Popular, intended for wide distribution
  • Luxurious
  • Professional
  • Ecological