Laser therapy in cosmetology has been used for at least several dozen years. Due to the power they have, lasers are divided into high, medium and low power lasers. In beauty salons, medium and low power lasers are used. These types of lasers are often called cold lasers or soft lasers, as opposed to high-power lasers (hot or hard lasers). Treatments with low power lasers are referred to as low power laser therapy - LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy). Biostimulating lasers are also used because of their way of affecting tissues.

According to research company insightSLICE, the LLLT laser therapy market was worth $ 350 million in 2019 and is expected to reach $ 675 million by 2030 with a CAGR of 6.6%.

Trends in biostimulating lasers


Trend 1
LLLT laser therapy is one of the methods used to treat pain. Patients suffering from pain are treated with a cold laser for quick relief. Unlike surgical and aesthetic lasers, these devices do not heat the treated tissue. Thus, there is an increasing need for devices for such therapies by physiotherapists and dermatologists.


Trend 2
LLLT lasers are used for a wide range of therapies and dermotherapy from sports injuries, through arthritis, to the reduction of many skin problems and its regeneration and rejuvenation. Dermatologists and cosmetologists use low power lasers for such problems as: acne, rosacea, discoloration and pigmentation disorders, symptoms of erythema and redness, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, trichological and podological problems.


Trend 3
In line with the latest trends in dermatology, LLLT lasers work on the principle: no scalpel, painless and stress-free. This allows the patient to immediately return to normal activities after the procedure. The minimization of side effects compared to invasive methods of high-power lasers provides safety and comfort of work also for physiotherapists and cosmetologists. This contributes to their popularity in the market. These lasers are used in the so-called "Banquet treatments", in which you get a quick visible effect on the skin without side effects.

Trend 4
In LLLT cosmetic lasers, low-power laser radiation is more and more often combined with the influence of a magnetic field, which gives a cumulative biostimulating and self-healing effect and activates energizing processes in tissues. This enhances the therapeutic effect at least twice. LLLT lasers with a magnetic field function are therefore increasingly used not only in physiotherapists' offices, but also in beauty and aesthetic medicine clinics.


Trend 5
The devices used for biostimulating LLLT laser therapies are handy and light. They are also easy to maintain and have simple and intuitive operation. Therefore, they are more and more often used by cosmetologists and physiotherapists working mobile in the patient's home.
There are various versions of laser biostimulation devices available on the market, equipped with additional technologies, such as a pulsating magnetic field or a rotating magnetic field. Lasers of this type differ, for example, in in terms of efficiency, power, and the available wavelength range of visible light. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Polish manufacturers of LLLT laser devices.


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