It is no secret that beautiful skin, hair and nails are the adornment of every woman. All forecasts predict further increases in the market of care products, and the category of natural cosmetics will grow even faster than the entire market.

more ECO

 A trend that has emerged in many industries has also appeared in the cosmetics industry. Product manufacturing uses solutions that reduce the amount of water used in production. Also, the ones made of paper are increasingly replacing plastic packaging.


Effective hair care

Hair care based on the PEH balance, which owes its name to the first three letters of the ingredient groups, is gaining enormous popularity:

P for Proteins - these are what build hair. The proteins in these cosmetics will rebuild and replenish its structure.

E for Emollients - mainly fatty substances. They will provide external protection for the hair by creating an occlusion on the surface of the hair, making it more resistant to damage, but also protected from water loss. 

H for Humectants - moisturizers. They have hygroscopic properties, i. e. they retain water in the hair structure, preventing dryness.

Using the right cosmetics brings visible results and improvement in its quality. It is not without a reason that more and more products appear on the market, which are based on this.

Post – Covid

    The new reality of the pandemic has caused some people to notice a problem with excessive hair loss after Covid-19. In that case, they began to turn more and more to products that stimulate the hair folicle.
Also, more frequent hand disinfection has caused a large portion of the population to turn their attention to the hand care product segment to alleviate dryness and irritation resulting from the irritating effects of antibacterial and antiviral substances.



The noticeable trend for products with natural ingredients continues and all forecasts predict that it will stay with us for a long time. They are especially looking for ingredients of natural origin, extracts or plant oils.

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