The skin is a reflection of our emotional state, good and bad emotions, health and illness, youth and old age. The most exposed parts of the body - the face and hands - are the most innervated. The skin is our first tool for getting to know the world through feeling it. Thanks to neurons and receptors, it picks up signals that reach the brain.


Neurocosmetics are the most innovative and effective preparations that use neuro-transmitters and the natural system that connects the skin and the brain. Their operation is based on two areas: 
    1. Direct influence on the nerve endings in the skin:

    2. Influence of neuromediators directly on skin cells, stimulating them to produce their own neurotransmitters. 


Neurocosmetics are for everyone, regardless of age and skin type. They work for everyone and can practically solve any problem. 
The use of neurotransmitters in cosmetics enables effective rejuvenation, reducing the effects of stress, the consequences of civilization diseases and the treatment of dermatological diseases. They have found their place in dermatology in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, pruritus, acne, psoriasis, alopecia areata, and neurodermatitis. In co-smetology, they are recommended for sensitive, irritable and overactive skin as well as for the broadly understood anti-aging area. In the case of rejuvenation, neurocosmetics can, on the one hand, replace invasive aesthetic treatments, and on the other hand, support their action and prolong their effects.


Neuro GABA Therapy
The first instant rejuvenating neuropeeling based on GABA and NANA neurotransmitters. GABA is one of the basic neurotransmitters found in our nervous system and skin. It is responsible for the state of relaxation and tranquillity. One of the main purposes of GABA in the body is to preserve and regulate muscle tone. This is why GABA is such a popular ingredient in bodybuilding supplements. Similarly, GABA also works on facial muscles. Its effect on the skin is to relax the skin and facial muscles, which immediately reduces wrinkles and softens facial features. 
Furthermore, GABA repairs damage and promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The advantage of GABA is also the fact that its molecule is so small that it quickly penetrates the skin and works after 10 minutes. An additional advantage is the fact that it is a substance found in the human body, which is why the skin reacts to it in a very natural way. GABA works perfectly with botox-like peptides, enhancing their effects. 
The NANA neurotransmitter is also found in nature. It plays an important role in trans-mitting signals between cells in animals organisms. It is an important functional in-gredient in food, among others in eggs, milk, edible birds’ nests and is commonly called sialic acid. As an active substance in neurocosmetics, it stimulates cell division, extends the life of skin cells, inhibits metalloproteinases, reconstructs collagen and elastin fibres. 


Peptide Pro Age Therapy 

The XEP™ - 018 neuropeptide, which mimics the conotoxin found in the venom of ma¬rine snails, is the main component of botox-like neurocosmetics. It is an excellent alternative to botulinum toxin as it blocks NAV 1 receptors on nerve endings, thus inhibiting muscle contraction. In effect, it relaxes mimic wrinkles. Its molecule with a unique structure has penetrating properties much more effective than other known peptides with a similar effect. 
Clinical trials show the exceptional effectiveness of XEP™ - 018, which can successfully compete with aesthetic treatments without giving the effect of a „frozen face”, and at the same time ensuring safety of use. Importantly, the first effects are visible just 2 hours after application. We can talk about an effect that is both immediate and long-lasting. The most spectacular effects are visible after 4 weeks of regular use of neurocosmetics, not only in the resting phase, but above all during facial movements. For people who use aesthetic treatments with the use of botulinum toxin, especially in the era of baby botox, it is an opportunity to increase the effects of the treatment and extend the period between treatments. 


Neuro Sensi Therapy 

The therapy was designed for vascular and extremely sensitive skin. It blocks all mecha-nisms that stimulate sensitivity symptoms at the source of their formation, i.e. the causes of neurogenic inflammation. 
It is based on the neurosensory concept of active control of inflammatory factors, vascular problems and sensory neurore¬ceptors. It contains the SensAmone P5 neuropeptide, which mimics the action of the neurotoxin from the sea anemone, so it is able to act on the nerve endings in the skin. It affects the subjective sensations of pain, burning, itching, as it blocks the TRPV1 pain receptors. It also reduces the skin’s reaction to external and internal stressors. It calms down, reduces the reaction to stress, quickly reduces burning, erythema, irritation and itching, and immediately restores the comfort to sensitive skin. 
An additional advantage is the encapsulation of the peptide in a spherical lipid carrier. Thanks to this, it is stable, penetrates deep into the skin, where it is released and works for many hours. 


UniTone Neuro Therapy 

Neurocosmetics regulating the production of melanin by affecting melanocytes, which, having a nervous origin, react strongly to hormone levels, stress and inflammation. Their stimulation results in the increased activity of enzymes and excessive production of melanin. 
This is an innovative approach towards not only lightening discoloration, but also to changing the color by influencing the factors and receptors responsible for the me-lanogenesis process. 
ß-White™ is a highly active biomimetic peptide. The new mechanism of action is based on effects on melanocytes and melanogenesis. It reduces the stimulation of melanocytes and the activity of melanosomes. It inhibits tyrosinase by acting on TGF-β receptors and the MITF factor, thanks to which it is able to act on both acquired discoloration and skin pigmentation programmed in genes.


Neuro Cannabis Therapy 

The first revolutionary neurocosmetics to improve mood and reduce the negative effects of stress on the skin. They use the power of a new generation of active ingredients obtained from stem cells and hemp oil. 
The unique mechanism is based on the neuroregulation of intercellular communication and the skin microbiome. It stimulates the synthesis of natural „happiness” neurotransmitters and rebuilds the hydro-lipid barrier. The therapy is especially recom-mended for skin that requires targeted and long-term care which restores proper skin functions and improves the comfort of life.


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