"ANTI-ALLERY" UV Gel Products

According to research, sales and awareness of gel polishes in Poland is growing at a double-digit rate, which is why it is probably difficult to find a person who is not interested in the world of nails and has not come across the concept of hema or di-hema. With the development of the beauty industry, awareness of the composition of cosmetics and their properties is also increasing.
What is hema and di-hema?
HEMA is a chemical compound that is a derivative of acrylic acid, which makes the gel polish hard and resistant to mechanical damage when exposed to light, thanks to which we can enjoy beautiful nails for longer. An interesting fact is that this ingredient is also used in dentistry and in the optical industry, e.g. as a dental filling or as a building material for contact lenses.
Due to the fact that hema and di-hema are classified as heptanes, i.e. organic chemical compounds, their molecular weight is small, which in contact with the skin can penetrate its hydrolipid barrier. As a result, it can cause irritation, water blisters or other allergic reactions. Hema becomes dangerous to health and skin only at the time of the procedure, which was not carried out in an appropriate standard. This happens when a layer of gel polish that is too thick is not properly cured or the product does not polymerize sufficiently due to a too weak UV / LED lamp or one that no longer works at full power. In addition, improper distribution of the product on the surface of the nail causes the gel polish  flow onto the cuticles, which significantly increases the risk of allergic reactions.

UV Gel Polishes for a sensitive nail plate

"ANTI-ALLERY" hybrid manicure products exclude the HEMA component considered potentially allergenic and irritating. They were created for people whose sensitive and allergy-prone skin and nail plate are prone to allergies. Most often, these include gel polishes, bases and tops that allow you to perform a professional and elegant manicure. Their advantage is excellent adhesion to the nail plate, creamy consistency that allows easy application of the product, does not change its color advantages while using.

UV gel polishes without hema and di-hema ingredients ensure durability up to 4 weeks, do not emit fumes, do not delaminate and do not contain solvents - SOLVENT FREE!

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