The male cosmetics market in Poland is worth over 5 billion USD . The interest of men in cosmetics dedicated to them has been growing steadily for many years, and consequently their awareness is also growing. Men more and more often check cosmetics compositions and visit social networking sites and trade magazines to check opinions about the cosmetics they are looking for.

The times when the average man suffered from soap (or shower gel) and deodorant are over. Now men are also looking for care creams, hair conditioners, and the latest growing trend is beard care products. And as it often happens, with each trend, there are also more and more manufacturers in that category. In addition to large producers, where one of their departments is the production of men's cosmetics, we can also distinguish small manufacturers, specializing only in men's cosmetics, and even specializing only in an one category, like beard cosmetics.
As in the case of cosmetics for women, also in the case of cosmetics for men, you can see more and more care of producers for the quality of products, their naturalness and sophisticated compositions.

The beard care market has recently experienced a "boom", caused by the return to the "favors" of the beard as an attribute of masculinity.
The barber profession is also returning to favor and the market is also growing quickly. Not only in large cities, but also in small towns in Poland, we can meet Barber Shops, the services of which are used by more and more bearded men.
With the development of the barber market, the demand for men's cosmetics has increased. Men are no longer satisfied with a visit to a hairdresser, where they could cut their hair cheaply and quickly. Now they expect something more - an atmospheric Barber Shop, where they will feel properly looked after by a professional Barber. The Barber will also treat the beard with a suitable oil or balm, and apply a professional pomade or clay to the hair, instead of a cheap, sticky gel.


The most popular beard oils and balms are currently the ones designed to properly moisturize the beard and the skin underneath it. In addition, it protect the beard against harmful sun rays and dirt (dust). The balm also helps to style the unruly hair on the beard. In addition, many bearded men use a beard shampoo or soap and wash it thoroughly in the morning or evening before applying their favorite oil or balm.

Another category is hair care cosmetics, like pomades (ordinary, matte, water), clays, shampoos and conditioners. And here, we have also an increasing choice, and manufacturers are outdoing each other in new ideas to meet the growing requirements of customers.

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