Skincare for babies - trends

Creating products for children, especially the youngest ones, tends to be challenging for manufacturers. Little one's skin is very demanding and due to its structure it gets easily irritated, dry or reddened. Therefore, creating products for this group requires extensive knowledge, many years of experience and strong focus on ensuring the highest quality. The growing awareness of parents means that they pay special attention to the analysis of products purchased for their children

1. First: as natural as possible!

The natural trend in all segments of the cosmetics industry has also affected baby skin care products. The growing awareness of the differences in the structure of the newborn’s skin means that parents carefully read the compositions of cosmetics, looking for plant extracts and natural oils as more appropriate for sensitive skin. Natural composition is a key factor in the purchasing decision process.
But the natural trend in cosmetics is not only the number of natural ingredients or the positioning of the product as eco or organic. It also means a growing interest in the responsibility of brands for the condition of the natural environment (in terms of packaging, recycling or responsible sourcing of raw materials).

2. Second: safety!

The analysis of potentially allergenic components also results from the growing awareness of parents. Parents are looking for products, which are either fragrance-free or use alergen-free fragrances. This also applies to other ingredients that, although legally allowed to be used in child skin care products, are often bypassed by parents, e.g. chemical filters in sunscreen products.


3. Third: nothing happens by chance!

Parents, especially parents of newborns, rarely buy accidentally. They carefully investigate product recommendations from other parents. If the brand meets their expectations, they remain its loyal customers. If a child responds well to nappy rash cream, they will remain faithful to such products for longer. The sensitive skin of babies certainly does not encourage them to run experiments. That is why it is so important to establish relationships with buyers already during pregnancy (mum remains the decision-making person regarding the choice of cosmetics for the child). Building a positive relationship based on trust and sharing common values will pay off in the future.

4. Fourth: less is more!

Despite the growing awareness and knowledge of consumers, they still have a problem with the assessment of product compositions, especially when dealing with long, chemically sounding names. Therefore, simple, short compositions and the content of well-known, clean ingredients make it easier for parents to make purchasing decisions.

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