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Constance Carroll

British born cosmetic brand, Constance Carroll was launched in 1980 and is the leading budget cosmetics brand in the UK and worldwide. Constance Carroll offers consumers an array of products and shades to meet specific markets requirements all over the world. Our portfolio includes bestselling classics such as Compact Refill Powder, Fashion Colour Lipstick, Blusher, Nail Polish Remover and new fashionable products appealing to younger consumers such as Nail Polish,Nail Treatment Products and Precision Liner.

Constance Carroll branding has evolved over the last few years.
Strong emphasis is now being placed on the British connection through the use of the Crown device and London skyline. The brand as you see it today still retains its strong heritage and quality. Currently under new management Constance Carroll is as cosmopolitan as London itself and takes pride in delivering products from the best manufacturers in the world.

Energetyków 48
42-280 Częstochowa
Province: śląskie

Web page: https://www.constancecarroll.pl/

Export department:
Tomek Otrembski
Export Manager

Cosmetics production:

  • Own brands

Types of cosmetics manufactured:

  • Face
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Nails


  • Colors

White cosmetics:

  • cosmetics for nail care
  • nail polish removers


  • Plastic

Colorful cosmetics:

  • lipsticks, lip glosses
  • lip liners
  • mascaras or eyebrows
  • shadows
  • eyeliners
  • powders
  • sleepers
  • concealers
  • roses, bronzers
  • nail polishes
  • foams, varnishes, gels, rubbers, waxes, brilliantins

Additional characteristics:

  • Popular, intended for wide distribution