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HERLA is the premium brand specialized in manufacturing of luxurious natural & professional cosmetics for face and body care contributing the latest global trends.

HERLA has been created with the passion for pure nature, its benefits and natural beauty.

The exceptionality of HERLA lies in proprietary formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients and holistic approach to care. Our brand focuses on women and their needs: the need for beauty and self-acceptance, health, femininity, following one’s passion and conscious living in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

The formulas of HERLA cosmetics contain up to 100% natural ingredients.

Our products are based on natural plant extracts and life-giving botanical oils.

HERLA cosmetics are dedicated for professionals as well as for retail customers.

Pojezierska 90
91-341 Łódź
Province: łódzkie

Web page: http://www.herla.eu

Export department:
Monika Nowak
Export Manager