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Marcon Avista

Marcon Avista Sp. z o.o. is a company of 20-year tradition and constant development in the field of cosmetics manufacture. Since its foundation Marcon Avista Sp. z o.o. has been specializing in cosmetics manufacture based on natural ingredients.

There are more than 200 articles in our product range, among others: face care cosmetics (creams, concealers, lipsticks, cleansing milks), body care cosmetics (lotions, sun care sunscreen lotions, after sun lotions, slimming gels, bath lotions and shower gels, oils, talc and foot creams, hand creams, depilatory creams) hair care products (shampoos, conditioners), cosmetics for men (shaving creams, aftershave lotions, eau de toilettes) and cosmetics for children (powders, milks, oils, shower gels, nappy rash creams, SPF creams, protective creams, petrolatum).

Marcon Avista products are sold in Europe, in the Middle East and in the USA. We can also create a full cosmetic product range (PRIVATE LABEL) on demand, for example: white cosmetics, dermocosmetics, cleansers, cosmetics for children, depilatory creams.

In addition, we offer labeling and confectioning. We are creative and flexible, we help you find proper solutions. We can design and advise on packaging as well.

To meet the customer expectations and to improve the quality of service constantly the company invests in manufacturing capacity. Modernization of our production lines and introduction of new technologies have increased the company productive potential. The company offer has been extended with new products and the quality of service has been cons

Wielgolas Duchnowski 75A
05-074 Halinów
Province: mazowieckie

Phone:+48 22 783 77 44
Web page: http://www.marcon-avista.com.pl/

Export department:
Leszek Majcherczyk
Export Manager
+48 726 232 323

Offered services / products:

  • Production
  • Confection
  • Other

Cosmetics production:

  • Private label - contract production
  • Own brands

Types of cosmetics manufactured:

  • Face
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Nails


  • Other

White cosmetics:

  • creams, lotions, mousses
  • masks
  • bath powders and lotions
  • skin peeling
  • protective lipsticks
  • sunbathing agents
  • intimate hygiene lotions
  • bar soap
  • liquid soaps
  • washing gels
  • milk
  • tonic
  • shampoos
  • hair conditioners
  • toothpastes
  • plates for oral hygiene
  • cosmetics for nail care
  • nail polish removers


  • Plastic
  • Hotel
  • Other

Additional characteristics:

  • Popular, intended for wide distribution
  • Luxurious
  • Professional
  • Pharmaceutical, specialist