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MEDIKA Łukasz Chabros

Medika is not only about the latest technology devices, the beauty of their workmanship, or professionalism appreciated by clients around the world, but, most of all, our reliable and empathic approach to other people and quality developed in cooperation with doctors and scientists. This, together with our trained staff, raises aesthetic medicine much higher. Our company exists to help people. To live your life to the full, you can take care of your wellbeing, have a real, joyful smile, self-confidence, and a feeling that you are in the right place and time. It's not about looks and beauty. It's about you.

Jerzmanowska 107
54-530 Wrocław
Province: dolnośląskie

Phone:+48 793 151 440
Web page: http://medikapoland.com/

Export department:
Anna Pop
Export Manager
+48 793 151 440


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