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Tenex Sp. z o.o.

Tenex Sp. z o.o. for many years, he has been cooperating with wholesale customers as well as retail chains throughout the country and exporting products to European countries and other continents. We are the only distributor on the Polish cosmetics market of the Dutch company Hegron Cosmetics B.V. We are also a producer of the DermoFuture Precision brand, which promotes cosmetic products combining aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. We work with creative technologists and cosmetologists who, based on current trends, prepare product formulas. In our products we combine nature with modern technology. The ingredients are selected so that they give the best results in a short time. We strive to make our products joyful and enjoyable while satisfying the needs of the skin. The effects of our work have been repeatedly awarded with prestigious prizes such as Qltowy Kosmetyk, Feminine Brand of the Year or Pearl of the Cosmetics Market.

Żwirowa, 65
05-090 Puchały - Raszyn
Province: mazowieckie

Phone:22 715 65 01
Web page: https://www.dermofuture.pl

Export department:
Diana Aruszanjan
Export Manager
+48 500 295 293

Offered services / products:

  • Production

Cosmetics production:

  • Own brands

Types of cosmetics manufactured:

  • Face
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Nails


  • White (caring)


  • Plastic
  • Other

Additional characteristics:

  • Popular, intended for wide distribution